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Forums are back online!

The forums are now back online! I hope you enjoy the new lick of paint!

Thank you for your patience and we apologise for the inconvenience caused.



Note this is a massive update. Please start your downloads sooner rather than later!

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NOTE: Please only close this notification once you have actually updated your mods

  • All of the ANZTAC servers can be accessed with our primary domain name: anztac-servers.com


    ArmA 3 servers

    An easy way to connect to our servers directly is to use the direct connect option from the arma 3 server browser. 
    To connect, click the direct button from the arma 3 server browser, enter our address: anztac-servers.com and in the port section enter the port number for the server you wish to connect to. Below is a list of our servers and their port numbers.

    • Vanilla - Port: 2500
    • Custom Mods and Maps - Port:  2510
    • Mod Testing- Port: 2520
    • Tactical Mission - Port: 2530 (This server is used for our weekly major operations)
    • Exile - Port: 2540


    Teamspeak 3

    Teamspeak 3 is our primary method of voice communications. By default, voice activation has been turned off, but this can be reinstated by asking a server admin.

    Admins will have an icon with a S in it to the right of their names, along with their rank icon. 

    Server address: anztac-servers.com
    Note: Port and password can be left as default


    ArmA 3 Sync

    Many of our servers have missions built with additional, downloadable mods. To make things easy and fast, we have set up several Arma3Sync servers that you can connect to to download your mods. To connect to a repository, you will need the handy autoconfig URL for the server you wish to connect to.

    We have 3 repositories: Vanilla, Primary and Exile.

    • The Vanilla repository includes mods that are white listed on our vanilla server that improve gameplay such as: CBA, ACRE2 and ShacTacHud
      • Autoconfig URL:  TBA
    • The Primary Repository contains all the the different mods that we use. This is a very big repository ( > 30 GB!) and has been seperated from the other repositories for that reason. In order to play on the custom mods and maps and tactical mission servers, it is advised that you download all the mods in the repository
      • Autoconfig URL: 
    • The Exile repository contains all the mods needed to connect to our Exile server. You must have ALL the mods in this repository in order to play.
      • Autoconfig URL: