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Arma 3 Sync is back online!

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  1. Arma 3: The Gun Show

  2. [DH] COP Dune Rat


    Cant make it because of family event on Sunday.
  3. [KT]Fallschirmjäger


    Nah, its a defend mission and the AO is roughly 130m wide. Will employ smoke signals, Green means go, Red means stop, Blue means retreat. I swapped the runners out for a panzerschreck team (so I can throw vehicles at the defensive line)
  4. [KT]Fallschirmjäger


  5. [KT]Fallschirmjäger


  6. Rangers Lead the Way Compilation

    I had to include your impersonation of a horse saying "Sierra"
  7. [KT]Fallschirmjäger

    Situation Overview SIT ENEMY British Expeditionary Force has been surrounded in Dunkirk, Hitler has ordered the Panzers back and sent the Luftwaffe to finish the job from the air. British forces are attempting a desperate breakthrough of Wehrmacht lines. SIT FRENDILY Fallschirmjäger Platoon has been held as a reserve, Friendly positions to our north along the defensive line are under assault as BEF attempt to breakthrough lines. SIT CIVILIAN No Frogs in the Area of Operations. Mission Fallschirmjäger Platoon is to move from Platoon Encampment to the Defensive Line and occupy the position in order to repel British Expeditionary Force attack from the North until relieved. Execution Three Phase operation: Phase 1: Move from Platoon Encampment to Defensive Line and occupy position. Phase 2: Defend position against BEF assault. Phase 2a (Optional): Fall Back to Platoon Camp. Phase 2b (Optional): Fall Back to Bridge. Phase 3: Hold of BEF assault until reinforced. Admin/Logistics Ammunition: 88mm Rockets located behind Destroyed Farmhouse. 60mm Mortar located in Mortar Pit. Squad members carry additional ammunition for MG34, Ammo Bearer may be required to move around collecting during mission. Medical: Basic Medical, Basic Wounding, PAK have unlimited uses, PAK can only be used in Destroyed Farmhouses (medical buildings) Specialist Equipment: Raketenpanzerbüchse, Panzerfaust, MG34. 60mm Mortar (click here for manual) Wave Respawn Mission Initial deployment as Fallschirmjäger. 24 Slots. At 2100 (EST) all dead may rejoin as Heer Infantry located at Bridge. 16 Slots. At 2130 (EST) all dead may rejoin as Crewman located at Southern map edge. 15 Slots. Command/Sig Communications: All members equipped with Mk1 Voicebox. Green Smoke = Adavance. Red Smoke = Halt. Blue Smoke = Fall Back. Order of Seniority: Platoon Commander, Platoon Sergeant, First Squad Leader, Second Squad Leader MODS @CBA_A3, @ACE, @ACEX, @ACRE2, @CUP_Terrains_Core, @CUP_Terrains_Maps, @IFA3LITE, @FacesOfWar ORBAT https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1xoG796NOYo3uDgeOOq3AVRYX1nlr6jkmVPt2w_mK-sI/edit?usp=sharing
  8. [DC]Rangers Lead the Way


    Easiest is a 107 with the 25×56 BAF scope, but that is easy mode. Will chat to Page and get back to you.
  9. [DC]Rangers Lead the Way


    What wifle and scope DC?
  10. [DC]Rangers Lead the Way


    No i just don't want ghost to have the role. I dunno. Maybe
  11. [DC]Rangers Lead the Way


    shotgun on the sniper role!
  12. Tanks DLC Out Now!

    Roll in heavy firepower and take control of the battlefield with three brand new armored vehicles in the Arma 3 Tanks DLC. Key Features T-140 Angara - The T-140 Angara is a Main Battle Tank (MBT) of Russian design and is used by the CSAT faction. This vehicle is built to deliver maximum destruction, while providing the best kind of protection to its crew. The Angara's primary weapon is a new 125 mm cannon, which can fire three different kinds of ammunition, and has a longer effective range than the cannons on most Western tanks. Its secondary weapons are a 7.62 mm coaxial machine gun and a 12.7 mm heavy machine gun. Aside from the regular T-140, the Angara also comes in the T-140K 'Commander' variant, which replaces the heavy machine gun for a 30 mm autocannon, and is equipped with sensors to share target data via the Data Link with other units. AWC Nyx - The Nyx Armored Weapons Carrier (AWC) is of German engineering descent, but was licensed and modified by the AAF faction. Its smaller size makes it relatively fast and mobile, and even allows for it to be slingloaded by the CH-49 Mohawk helicopter. The Nyx comes in four variants: Anti-Tank, Anti-Air, Recon, and the Autocannon variant. All of these variants wear an armor jacket that is able to withstand 7.62 ammunition, but each vehicle variant carries different types of weapons or equipment to serve specific needs on the battlefield. Just like the other new vehicles in this DLC, the Nyx is available in multiple liveries. Rhino MGS - The Rhino is a wheeled Armored Fighting Vehicle (AFV) that is purpose-built to fight against tanks. For this reason, it's also referred to as a 'Tank Destroyer'. The Rhino MGS has a 120 mm cannon, which can fire all kinds of standard rounds, but also the new MARUK ATGM. It has a secondary weapon in the form of a coaxial .338 magnum machine gun. The Rhino also comes in the UP variant. This variant features an additional remote 12.7 mm heavy machine gun turret, and improved protection in the form of cage and ERA armor. It makes the UP more suitable for Military Operations in Urban Terrain (MOUT), but does add weight and limits options for transport. Both variants of the Rhino are connected to the Data Link, which enables them to lock onto targets picked up or painted by friendly armed forces. "Altis Requiem" Mini-Campaign - Over the course of three singleplayer scenarios, you assume the role of an AAF tank commander, and you get to experience the opposite perspective of the NATO offensive featured in Arma 3's vanilla "The East Wind" campaign. Here, you're placed in command of the new AWC Nyx in the fight against the FIA. Later you're also presented with the opportunity to operate the new T-140 Angara Main Battle Tank. This short mini-campaign leads to different possible endings based on your playstyle and performance. Showcase Tank Destroyers - In this singleplayer Showcase scenario, you play as a NATO crewman on board the new Rhino MGS UP. This Tank Destroyer has similar firepower to a Main Battle Tank, but is much more vulnerable in terms of armor protection. As such, you will need to make a good use of the Rhino's speed and maneuverability to complete your objectives. Platform Update The Arma 3 Tanks DLC is supported by a major Arma 3 platform update, introducing a wide variety of free new content and features. This platform update is free for all Arma 3 owners. Free Supporting Features Enhanced Armored Vehicle Experience - A combination of upgrades makes operating armored vehicles a much more immersive experience. These improvements apply to all armored vehicles in Arma 3. Interiors - Every armored vehicle in Arma 3 now features a fully 3D-modeled interior with Multi-Functional Displays and camera feeds for crew members. Improved Handling - Armored vehicles now feel more natural to drive thanks to improvements to the wheel collision simulation, the way different ground surfaces affect handling, and other changes. Extended Damage Model - Armor now reacts more realistically to incoming rounds. For example, this means that cage armor (also known as slat armor) is not just a visual object, but really does offer protection against RPGs. Upgraded Audio - The audio experience of armored vehicles is made more lifelike via the addition of more stereo sound samples, positional sounds, and more distinct audio cues for gearbox and RPM changes. Vehicle Customization - Armored vehicles can be customized in the Virtual Garage with additional armor protection and camouflage nets for better concealment in different terrains. Fire-Control System - Several ground vehicles and aircraft are equipped with the Fire-Control System (FCS). This technology measures the range and speed of targets, and adjusts a weapon's zeroing and calculates the lead to increase the chances of a first-round hit (FCS was initially implemented as part of the Arma 3 Jets DLC). New Missile Flight Profiles & Capabilities - A selection of missiles now feature direct or top-down attack flight modes, plus support for terrain-following munitions has been added. A few weapons now also have the ability to lock-on after launch. Free Bonus Content "Vanguard" Team-vs-Team Multiplayer Mode - In these competitive combined arms scenarios, an important device is paradropped on a random spot on the map, and its precise location is gradually revealed as the package gets closer to the ground. To win, one of three opposing teams needs to pick up the device, and return it to their base within a certain time limit. A team also wins when they've eliminated the other teams in combat or when they have the highest score at the end of the match. 3 Time Trial Challenges - Skilled drivers can put the new T-140 Angara, AWC Nyx, and Rhino MGS to the test in three speedy time trial races across Altis and Malden. 2 Anti-Tank Launchers - Some of Arma 3's factions are reinforced with brand new launchers. CSAT's 9M135 Vorona is a manually guided missile launcher with powerful optics featuring a high 6 or 12x magnification, Thermal Imaging, and a laser rangefinder. The MAAWS Mk4 is an unguided recoilless rifle, which is available in the older Mod 0 version used by AAF and FIA, and the newer Mod 1 version that is employed by NATO. The MAAWS is lighter than the RPG-42, and fires smaller HEAT (High-Explosive Anti-Tank) rounds, but is a bit more precise and has a longer range. Additional Anti-Tank Vehicle Variants - The Offroad pickup and the Prowler and Qilin Light Strike Vehicles from the Arma 3 Apex expansion now also have variants carrying mounted launchers (the LSVs are only available to owners of Arma 3 Apex). Decorative Objects - Several new decorative objects are made available to Arma 3 content creators, such as new tank barricades, spare parts, and tools. There is also a fully functional repair depot, which can be used to repair damaged vehicles. Official Soundtrack - Listen to new music tracks composed specifically for this DLC. Steam Achievements - Unlock a set of extra Steam Achievements related to the new content.
  13. Conquest 2018

    The October event XD. Good quality eye protection is a must, it must have a high impact rating above 150m/s. Don't go for cheap knock offs, you only get one set of eyes after all. A water carrying system is also a must. Whether its canteens clipped to your belt or a Camelback attached to your vest. (You are required to carry a minimum amount of water at the event) A uniform is the final piece of required equipment. This year its Jellybean versus the world. We are currently deciding what camo for Raider to wear so jump on fb and join the group to cast a vote. (I consider a pair of good boots a must, don't take a pair of sneakers. Break them in before the event so you don't die.) Beyond EyePro, Water, and Uniforms. You can wear a plate carrier, an ALICE setup, anything you want really.
  14. Conquest 2018

    Its that time of the year again! Thats right an Airsoft post! First I want to talk about last years event. In short it was a blast. We had our own platoon; The Raiders, its foundations were built on a core of ATC players. Magnet was our Platoon Leader, Z.Page, Xerxes and myself were Squad Leaders. Jeff was our RTO, Shaunbro and Castro filled Fire Team Leader roles. By the end of the event I will proudly say we were the best Platoon on the Australian side. We fought together as a cohesive unit; we conducted successful night ambushes that turned into a four hour long engagement as kiwi insurgents continuously and unsuccessfully tried to break through our lines. There was a reconnaissance patrol, not a single BB was fired as intelligence was gathered (everyone except the leadership hated it). Vehicle mounted QRF sorties were conducted, bulk kiwi insurgents were slaughtered. shaun prepares his camouflage Inside the FOB our platoon lived together for the entire event. The first night the "Enlisted" bunk sounded like a bunch of school kids on camp, they were that excited. We made a point of sitting together during meals in the mess, individual members looked out for each others physical well-being. All of this despite the fact the platoon had the worst Containers for bunks; a line of portable toilets were placed along the inside wall of a shipping containers, which happened to have windows cut into its length. Get a whiff of that, that is the smell of victory. we had people from other platoons come over to ask if they could run with us. And magnet could never find Jeff (due to the ridiculous height difference between them). Our Platoon was twenty-two strong last year, it was made up of friends, family and strangers. This year we want Raider Company, which means we need as many people as possible, if you or a friend are interested, curious or experimental, add yourself to the following facebook pages. https://www.facebook.com/groups/raider/ - ATC Member founded for the 2017 event. https://www.facebook.com/groups/MAGaustralia/- Main page for all event related details Contact either myself or Magnet on the forums, teamspeak or Facebook. MAG 2018 Airsoft event - CONQUEST 18th - 23rd of October 2018 Christchurch, New Zealand. 18th - arrive in Christchurch 19th - Training and orientation day With small skirmish games in the afternoon. 20th - game day 1 will run till 2100 so prepare for a little taste of night ops. 21st - game day 2, finish early afternoon with Traditional Lonestar Bar and Grill feast. 22nd - CQB gaming day, start to depart Christchurch late afternoon. Players - Aussies vs Aussies Camo - Auscam vs the rest (Teams will have to be balanced so be aware you may not get your Camo preference) CONQUEST will see two teams go head to head in battle for territory. Commanders will utilise their available troops to capture and defend key locations. CONQUEST is designed to be a free flowing milsoft event with no timeline giving the individual the opportunity to see as much or as little action as they desire. There will be scheduled side missions in which squads will endeavour to come out victorious, with victory comes reward which may turn the tide on the battlefield... A small PMC (Private Military Contractor) element made up of Kiwi airsofters will be present. They may be with you they may be against you... There will be NO PLAYER CAP as per usual we will not turn down any Aussie who wants to play. Gun hire will be available as per usual. We are looking into players getting their own accommodation and rental cars and food this year. More on that at a later date (this may change) This year we will run a - Gun tech class on Sunday 14th. Limited to 20 pers. Open to all players. Cost will be $40 We will also be running a 2 day sniper school on Thursday 18th and Friday the 19th. Limited to 20 pers. open to experienced players only. Cost $40 Keen? Fill out the online registration form and get your registration fee in. Keep in mind that both registration and gun hire fees are not refundable. All event details, payment options, other important information can be found in the pinned post of MAG Australia Facebook page once we create the new pinned post. Get pumped. Be good to see everyone share this far and wide. Looking for more bulk numbers this year! https://form.jotform.co/OZ1airsoft/conquest-2018