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  1. Military Media Super Thread

    Buck is that a name coincidence that you have shown us a picture of a reindeer?
  2. NCO and above 2016 Briefing


    Sorry can't make it
  3. Military Media Super Thread

    I know some of you got UAVs for your Christmas so im sure your going to love this usage of drones by rebel groups in Syria and Iraq. It is not meant to be seen as pro-IS/JaN http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=2e4_1451687298
  4. [PR]Easy Listening


    squad leader please
  5. [JZ]Checkpoint

    Can I please have a command role? APC COMD would be nice
  6. Global Strategic Analysis

    Cheers xerxes on the update on RUS and Syria it's going to make some interesting reading once I get some bars
  7. Global Strategic Analysis

    I thought I would start the S2 topic up again The other day during my flight back home I had an opportunity to catch up on some light reading of the IHS Jane’s defence weekly. I was reading the 12 Aug edition and was amazed to read that the UAE has deployed up to an armoured brigade that includes one battalion of BMP-3 into Yemen to spearhead a breakout from Aden. The armoured formation pushed out of the southern port city of Aden and capture Al-Anad Air Base 48 km to the northwest. It amazed me that such a powerful armoured formation can conduct operations and not even make the news. This demonstrates a logistical triumph with the successful amphibious lodgement and seizing of Al-Anad. The Al-Anad air base was bombed heavily by the Saudi-led coalition, but it can be assumed once its runway is patched up, it could become a new forward operating base for the Emirati brigade and allied Yemeni forces. According to the Jane’s article the vehicle reporting dates are as follows: 1. 12 July, when Oshkosh M-ATV mine-resistant ambush protected (MRAP) vehicles were spotted in Aden for the first time during the battle to secure the city's airport. 2. 28 July Two BMP-3 infantry fighting vehicles were filmed by an Al-Jazeera news crew and a Leclerc armoured recovery vehicle was photographed in Aden about the same time. 3. Swift , a former US naval logistics vessel that is now operated by the UAE and visited Aden on 29 July, contributed to the amphibious operation. The UAE's official news agency reported that a ship carrying humanitarian supplies docked in Aden that day. 4. 3 August the UAE had landed Leclerc tanks, additional BMP-3s (seemingly not carrying any infantry), at least one 155 mm G6 self-propelled howitzer, and Agrab mortar carriers. One video clip showed nine Leclercs driving out of Aden, meaning at least one tank battalion (squadron) has been landed. Intermingled with vehicles operated by allied Yemeni forces, the Emirati armoured column moved northwards up the N1 highway towards Al-Anad Air Base. I hope you guys found this interesting as the military deployment has not been announced by the government of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) or covered by the country's media, but its scale has become increasingly apparent. http://www.janes.com/images/assets/503/53503/1639531_-_main.jpg Leclercs in Yemen are equipped with the AZUR urban warfare protection package. The UAE is known to have bought at least 13 AZUR kits, so the presence of Leclercs without the additional armour suggests a second battalion has been deployed to Yemen. http://www.janes.com/images/assets/503/53503/p1639532.jpg
  8. Lithgow Arms EF88

    I should be able to dig up some pics as I got heaps of photos of it last year. We got to try the new handling drills last year at Nioa during its acceptance trials. But more interestingly I Also got to test fire the new 12.7 and the Colt family.
  9. Green Zone


    Very nice orders. Love the inclusion of report lines
  10. Infantryman's vocabulary

    Least your not doing fire and movement with a MAG58