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  1. [PR]Tanks Celle

    Face of War tank mission on Celle https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1lK8hon2A5LdbVdHzpnsAXAe-MWBIODqHiqoF75cKewc/edit Mods @CBA @ACE @ACEX @ACRE @CUP TERRAIN CORE @CUP TERRAIN MAPS @MBG @FACES OF WAR
  2. [PR]Lord of War 2.0

    Security Brief You have been contracted to act as security detail for (now referred to as "Piro") whilst he conducts a business transaction with representatives of the Pro-Western Albramian Freedom Fighters (PWAFF). As far the Royal Albramian Army (RAA) is concerned, the convoy is delivering supplies to a local village. As such, they should not be hostile to the convoy's presence. The plan is to split a 24-man "platoon" into 4 6 man teams, each with a slightly different role. Team 1 is to act as the personal protection detail for Piro. Team 2 is act as the protection and transport detail for the goods that will be sold to the representative from the PWAFF. Team 3 is the advance/forward most element that will scout and ensure the route is secure, from the loading point to the transaction location. Team 4 is to act the rear protection for the convoy movement. Convoy Order of March Team 3 will maintain a roughly 200m lead to scout the route out and act as early warning. Team 2-1, 4 men inside an Offroad vehicle Team 2-2, 2 men inside the Ural transporting the commercial wares. Team 1, with Piro inside. Team 4, trailing the rear. The Route Route Blue - Infil Route Route Yellow - Exfil Route Route Green - Where both Route Blue/Yellow meet up. Transaction Location Includes positions where each team should be stationed whilst the transaction is being made and processed. RAA Uniforms ORBAT https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1KYI4Mu2ScpIqih7xrSxqOlpM1OLzMQ1kN7PHU0nemiU/edit?usp=sharing MODS CBA ACRE ACE ACEX CUP Terrain Core MilGearPack VSM (both) RHS+Compats NiArsenal + Compats Abramia
  3. [PR]Pacification

    Russian forces pacifying local insurgents ORBAT https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1sso_Uc7cTexZxhj99dfn85jaONw58Z2FjqeAAoGUzlU/edit#gid=0 MODS CBA ACE ACEX ACRE RHS
  4. [PR]Tawara


    It's a content mod, not a comestic mod. Think of it as a much higher quality WW2 mod.
  5. [PR]Tawara


  6. [PR]Tawara

    US Marine naval landing on the island of Betio against the IJA garrison. ORBAT https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1uj5UDRXdXFjcYXAW50-mECtYajO651DBvE4VWPNoXuc/edit?usp=sharing MODS CBA ACE ACEX ACRE Face of War (FoW) DO NOT RUN ShackTac User Interface
  7. NCO Meeting


    @Haydos can't make Fridays, work + social obligations. Don't we normally do them on Tues/Wednesdays?
  8. Face of War - Trial Mission

    Mods CBA ACE ACEX ACRE Face of War (Acquired via Steam Workshop or Unofficial Repo)
  9. D-Day, 101st Airborne


    Actually may be back for this. Can't promise anything.
  10. D-Day, 101st Airborne


    Will be out of town with mates.
  11. [PR]Escape and Evade


    Ye Yes
  12. Escape from Tarkov Closed Beta

    Game needs oceanic servers. Geezus, waiting 30s to 2 minutes for the loot menu to load in a raid is the worst. Core game is interesting but is definitely in an alpha state despite the beta label. Weapon customisation is pretty cool, possibly the most /k/ weapon modding/customisation system in existence. AI needs a lot of tweaking as it is practically nigh on impossible to directly engage AI scavs in combat.
  13. [PR]Escape and Evade

    [PR]Escape and Evade Time: 0400H Location: Southeastern Island of Tanoa region Moon Visibility: Full Moon No Overcast Situation Overview: ANZTAC Platoon was to conduct a night raid to attempt to apprehend or kill HVT Solomon. Enroute, the CH-47 transporting ANZTAC platoon was engage with SAMs and the CH-47 attempted a "controlled descent". UAV & Spy plane footage over the region has shown heightened enemy movement and traffic shortly before & after the incident; & it is safe to assume they be moving to investigate the crash site and attempt to kill or capture any surviving personnel. FR: ANZTAC Platoon is currently at the crash site, 200-300m southwest of the village of Blerick. ANZTAC Platoon & the surviving CH-47 crew are currently the only callsigns in the AO. Primary QRF has been stood down temporarily has Regional Command is hesitant to deploy more airframes in an area with SAMs. Secondary and Tertiary QRF elements are being worked on and ANZTAC Platoon will be contacted when QRF elements will be deployed. EN: The Syndikat organisation is a massive fixture in the Tanoa region, both in a sociopolitical & military sense. Their military element is mostly based on the south-eastern island. That particular area has somewhere between 200-1000 active militants on the island at any given time. They are mostly armed with typical insurgent weapons including small-arms, RPGs and now; possibly a small quantity of SAMs (unknown what types though). As previously stated, a large number of militants from across the island are converging on the crash site. CIV: The civilian populace of the south-eastern island will mostly be asleep at the time, however there will be civilians getting up as it gets closer to sun rise. Any unarmed person should be considered a civilian and therefore, should NOT be engaged. It should be noted however, that the civilians in the area are most likely sympathetic to militants, so being seen by a civilian may result in info being passed up to nearby Syndikat patrols. Mission ANZTAC Platoon is conduct a rapid raid on the suspected compound that is currently housing HVT Solomon. ANZTAC Platoon is to escape and evade enemy patrols and make their way northwards towards friendly lines. Execution Reorganise and re-orientate. PLT CO and SLs are to quickly establish a route and formation. (Mission maker note: from mission kickoff it will take 5 minutes for EI to arrive on scene towards to crash site) Step off and make your way to northwards to friendly lines. Admin Advanced Medical with Advanced wounding. Unlimited PAKs and Surgical kits. Docs can use PAKs & Surgical kits; Medics can use Surgical kits. Due to platoon level logistical issues regarding NODs and additionally, due to the impact of the crash; there are only 6 functional NODs (NVGs) remaining. They are currently assigned to the PLT CO, 2IC and the 4 squad leaders. All platoon members are equipped with weapon mounted flashlights. BLUFORCE Tracking is enabled & it will be updated every 60 seconds. Comms and Sigs PLT NET - 148 CH1 SQUAD NETs CH1 - 1-1A CH2 - 1-1B CH3 - 1-1C CH4 - Heli Crew CH5 - 1-1 ORBAT https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/16r-9qIydQ3zLNIGu_44xzoBu7UKuUd2505h2a1P9J4o/edit?usp=sharing MODS CBA ACE ACEX ACRE NIARMS RHS + COMPAT MIL GEAR PACK VSM - BOTH
  14. [PR] Red Horizon - Mi28 Gunner

    Hope you support roles had fun, goal was to create a target rich environment for all involved. Also no spawning of mines were involved. Look at VCOM features. EDIT: It didn't dawn on me at the time, but did you guys try grabbing the toolkit inside the helos' inventory before trying to repair?