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A3Sync is back online!


Arma 3 Sync is back online!

Please note that you MUST remove your old ATC repo from arma 3 sync before adding the new repo. The autoconfig URL has also changed. For details, see the news post here: 




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  1. L-39 Skins

    There are some new L-39 skins that look incredible. I've included links below each image to the download. L-39C N223PG skin by JiriSoukupDCS31 Link: http://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/1510579/ L-39C N247SG skin by JiriSoukupDCS31 Link: http://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/1510580/ L-39C N2399X skin by JiriSoukupDCS31 Link: http://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/1510582/ L-39C NX63MX skin by JiriSoukupDCS31 Link: http://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/1510584/ "Aerobatics Dangerous Trio" - Fictional by transmisije Link: http://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/1511350/ Firecat NX39LW by Flogger23m Link: http://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/1512197/ Aerobatic Stripes by transmisije Link: http://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/1515283/
  2. ATC Virtual Squadron

    I think we should come up with a name and theme for our DCS flyers. Anyone got any ideas? It would be great to have our own skins for use in missions played with each other.
  3. Newbie looking to play tactical arma 3

    Hey Donyboom. As Z.Page said we do often have members on the Vanilla server through the week at different times. We also open up the tac missions on a Sunday night to regular players on occasion. Hope to see you in game soon, thanks for dropping by and saying hello. Regards, Tro
  4. Fernbus Simulator

    This looks very similar to Eurotruck which a few of us love so I thought I'd share.
  5. ACRE Tutorial session

    Thanks Jazza for taking this one on.
  6. Thanks mate shall do. @Dash buddy pal best friend, see above :)
  7. Hey Mikoi, With the UAV's can you set them as captive? This would mean that they are not hostile to any faction and would not set off any mission triggers! https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/setCaptive I'd like to see the return of UAV's to missions. Tro
  8. DCS Fan Video by reise_caparzo

    Love this video so just had to share it. The production and film work alone are top notch.
  9. Farming Simulator 2017

    Must get new steering wheel! This is going to be awesome!!!
  10. "I don't even feel bad" - Xerxes

    Xerxes you bad ass!
  11. Arma funnies!

    OMG I thought you clowns were bad enough this is priceless!
  12. Op Riverine

  13. NCO / Officers meeting


    Can't make it sorry gents. Going out for my wife's birthday.
  14. The Belsimtek F-5e Tiger II for DCS World is now available in Early Access. Relive Top Gun and fly as the Mig-28 or Aggressor Squadron. Hopefully the F-14 is not too far off to complete the match. Available for purchase from the Digital Combat Simulator e-store at http://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/shop/modules/tiger/
  15. Join ATC on Tanoa

  16. Just throwing this out there

    I'd be happy to have either a Wasteland or Exile server on Tanoa though it would require the support of everyone to make it successful. But I for one am not interested in the Life servers, personally if you want a life walk outside. Those servers are full of complete idiots, and yes I have looked at them so I do know from my own experience. That being said I won't stop you guys from playing or doing what you want, that's not what we're about in ATC.
  17. Dog fight competition

    Just putting the feelers out to see if there is any interest in themed dog fight competitions. The idea is that it would be guns only and for all but the trainers would be team based, good guys versus the bad guys. The trainers would be an individual event. If there is enough interest I might consider opening it to the public and running it as a proper competition with trophies for the prizes and an entry fee. Or if the preference is not to go that far just a free competition. We would choose the starting theme and have 2-3 weeks of preparation, ie: get yourself familiar with the airframe again and get some practise in. Then we would move into the competition with a series of rounds and even numbered teams going head to head. What's the thoughts? I had a poll set up but the stupid forums gave me an error on posting :( So the breakdown is: WWII theme comp. Axis BF-109K-4 FW190D-9 Allies P-51D Korean-era theme comp. USSR MiG-15bis USA F-86F Sabre Modern FC3 theme comp. OPFOR Su-27 BLUFOR F-15C Trainer theme comp. L-39C Albatross C-101 Hawk T.1A
  18. APEX Screenshots

    Let's see some great screenshots of the Tanoa action start to come in and be posted below! Have at it!
  19. APEX Screenshots

    Reminds me of this.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XM7-1gIVQKE
  20. Dog fight competition

    Yep change of plans, it'll be run on 1.5


    Yeah that's okay, I can just slot in somewhere to add some ambiance and such


    OPFOR? Role player?
  23. ARMA 3 Apex released

    Keep an eye on our Community Event Calendar for upcoming Arma 3 Apex events open to all. These will be running a minimum set of modifications to make it easier for new players to the franchise, and as always we are here to help new players get themselves up to speed with setting up and using the mods.