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A3Sync is back online!


Arma 3 Sync is back online!

Please note that you MUST remove your old ATC repo from arma 3 sync before adding the new repo. The autoconfig URL has also changed. For details, see the news post here: 




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  1. [MKUnder the Radar


    HuntIR view of the Air Defence outpost.
  2. ATC Repo Update: 30/06/2018

    --- Revision: 14 --- Build date: 30/06/2018 6:06:25 PM New: 0 - Updated: 1 - @rhsACECompat; Deleted: 0 - Critical: - @rhsACECompat; Notes:
  3. ATC Repo Update: 26/6/18

    --- Revision: 13 --- Build date: 26/06/2018 9:30:17 AM New: 0 - Updated: 1 - @ACRE2; Deleted: 0 - Critical: - @ACRE2 Notes: Tweaks and Bugfixes from the latest Acre2 release:
  4. Tactical Tanoa


  5. Tactical Tanoa

    There's a bit of a lack of missions going up at the moment, and until the new head of mission making can get some momentum going, this Sunday I'll run a tac in the Trump Card mission, Mod light (CBA, ACE, ACRE2) This is to test this mission out for our upcoming regular Wednesday Night public sessions. Scenario Brief - click here Warning Order: Situation: ANZTAC platoon has arrived as part of coalition forces deployed to remove CSAT and coalition forces from Tanoa. The enemy are known to be preparing forces to respond to our arrival in the AO, in addition to continuing patrols across the island. The enemy Assembly area is currently unknown. Probable Mission: Once the location of enemy assembly area is established, ANTAC Pl is to be prepared to deploy and destroy the initial forces there, before an overwhelming force concentration can be built up. Be prepared for additional taskings as required. Timings: Form up on the deck of the USS FREEDOM at 1930 AEST No move before 1945 AEST Orders: 1920 AEST CSS: In addition to regular section weapons, all sections are to carry: 1 x Titan MPRL AA launcher 1 x MAAWS MODS (optional): CBA_A3 ACE ACEX ACRE TAOFoldingMaps STHUD ADVANCE MOVEMENTS
  6. Staff Meeting


    I have a work function that night. Not sure if I'll be able to make it.
  7. Weekly town hall meeting

    Weekly catch up prior to the Sunday Arma 3 tacs. ANZTAC Staff are to jump in for a weekly catch up. General membership are welcome to jump in and listen or raise anything to the staff.
  8. ATC Repo Update: 19/06/2018

    There you go @Mikoi. See my new post. Just for you.
  9. ATC Repo Update: 19/06/2018

    --- Revision: 7 --- Build date: 19/06/2018 7:05:28 PM New: 2 @BackpackOnChest;@grad_trenches; Updated: 6 @3cb_baf_units;@CBA_A3;@3cb_baf_vehicles;@3cb_baf_weapons;@ShackTac User Interface;@3cb_baf_equipment; Deleted: 2 @3CBBAFVehicles_Servicingextension;@BAF_compat; Critical: - CBA Notes: Changelog for CBA 3.7.0: Changelog for CBA 3.7.1: Changelogs for BAF not included, because I can't be bothered spending all night copy pasting, and you wont read all the pages of it anyway. New mods (700kb): Backpack on Chest mod has been stable and working well for about 18 months now, time to bring it back. Grad Trenches vastly improves the appearance of the ACE trenches Deleted mods are actually just tidying up stuff that should be in the main mod folders.
  10. ATC Repo Update: 19/06/2018

    Nope. This was me figuring out how to update stuff. I'm going through and finding all the mods that need updating.
  11. ATC Repo Update: 19/06/2018

    Build date: 19/06/2018 10:23:22 AM New: 0 - Updated: 1 @ACRE2; Deleted: 0 - Critical: - ACRE2 Notes: ACRE2 Changelog
  12. Group Leaders Meeting


    Next week I can do.
  13. Group Leaders Meeting


    As discussed during NCO meeting, I'm planning to be away all week. I'll advise if I'm going to be able to make this.
  14. Meeting - NCO and above


    Well shit, now I have 24hrs to get my jobs done...
  15. Mortar training


    The timing should be showing in the event. Depends what timezone you're in.