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A3Sync is back online!


Arma 3 Sync is back online!

Please note that you MUST remove your old ATC repo from arma 3 sync before adding the new repo. The autoconfig URL has also changed. For details, see the news post here: 




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  1. [MKUnder the Radar


    There is a slight chance I might make it, albeit a little late.
  2. [MKUnder the Radar


    Unfortunately I have a family engagement, can't make it this Sunday :(
  3. I'm Back!

    Bought a new PC the other day, just waiting for it to arrive. Will hopefully have it by the end of the week and the first thing I'll be doing is downloading ArmA and mods :) I'm looking forward to getting back in to mission making, although it might take a while before I get the hang of it again (it's been a little more than a year). See you all soon...
  4. I'm Back!

    Still working, but I can spare the few hours to play the odd mission
  5. Screenshot Thread 2.0

    New screenshot thread, now with less spam! Thread Rules: Use the http://www.anztac.com/gallery/ or another image hosting site like imgur.com If posting multiple images (more than 2) use spoiler tags. Do not use the "Attach File" feature - it automatically embeds images and contributes to spam. Attached files can't be deleted or hidden with spoiler tags :( Any posts spamming will be deleted. See the legacy thread here:
  6. Still alive - lurking

    Just stopping by to let ya'll know I'm still alive and getting by. Unfortunately I can't commit to getting back in to ARMA yet - but as soon as I can, I'll be reinstalling ARMA jumping online. I miss my boys. My beautiful, blonde haired, talented boys. You're all diamond dogs to me.
  7. Thought I'd start off a thread for posting military photo's, GIF's and video that don't warrant a new thread. I was going to call it the War Porn thread, but you never know what kind of weirdo's you might attract. To start us off, here is a T-55 having it's turret blown off by an ATGM.
  8. New donation from Anonymous

  9. Hi Xerxes, Thank you for your donation of $50.00. We look forward to improving the forums and maintaining the ATC game servers with your donation. Thanks Australia-New Zealand Tactical Community
  10. [SRC]Double Down

    Small Scale | Mercenary/PMC Themed | Chernarus Setting Full details TBA. Mods: CBA ACE + ACE_X ACRE RHS (USAF, AFRF, GREF + Ace Compat) CUP (Terrains Core, Maps, Units, Weapons, Vehicles + Ace Compat) NIArms (Complete + Ace Compat's) Advanced Movement
  11. [SRC]High Voltage

    Eastern European escapades. Details TBA. 12 slots for now - will add more if there's more interest before weeks end. Mods: CBA ACE + ACEX ACRE RHS (AFRF, USAF, GREF) CUP (terrains core, maps, units, weapons, vehicles) NIArms (Complete) Advanced Movement Roster: Operations Chief Medic Contractor Contractor Contractor Contractor Team Leader Medic Contractor Contractor Contractor Contractor
  12. [DC]Bagration

    You need to generate a link that allows comments for your ORBAT spreadsheet. I'd be keen to platoon lead if no one else is stepping up. Otherwise, slot me up anywhere.
  13. [SRC]High Voltage


    Special Easter themed tac, in the middle of November. Interestingly, because they're in another hemisphere, eastern Europeans actually celebrate Easter around this time of year. #themoreyouknow
  14. [PR]Georgetown Occupation


    Ah, the winter of 1781. Can I RSVP a slot as Light Horse Henry Lee?
  15. Putin's Rage


    Sounds awesome. Would love to Platoon Lead this one.
  16. Friday tactics- Leopards


  17. Friday tactics- Leopards


    Tank commander for me please. Let's do this!
  18. Friday tactics- Relief in place


    Keen to TL something
  19. I'm making a game

    Looks cool man. The art really stands out as unique, what will the gameplay be like?
  20. [HY]The Sledgehammers


    I can go Platoon Leader if there aren't any other takers.
  21. [SRC]Relief

    This will be a logistics focused mission based around the MD500, KA-60 and Cessna. There will be very little ground combat, but ground guys will have a role in securing landing sites, moving supplies and running recovery. Types of tasks to be expected: Delivering supplies Inspecting remote sites search & rescue/CASEVAC Mods: CBA ACE + ACE_X ACRE RHS (all packs + ACE compatability) CUP (all packs + ACE compatability) CUP Terrains (Core + Maps) NIArms (complete + ACE/RHS compatability) Advanced Movement/Advanced Towing/Advanced Rappelling Key Roles:
  22. [SRC]Relief


    Caeser BTT AKA Cessna TTx
  23. [SRC]Relief


    If it works for you, I will cry. I spent ages testing different vehicles and different cargo.
  24. [SRC]Relief


    Yes. You are welcome to try yourself ;)
  25. [SRC]Relief


    Might be that set variables commands don't override values that are already defined in the vehicles config by ACE, or the ACE variables on the wiki are wrong/broken. I don't know enough about modding to know for sure, but I tried it a few different ways and didn't have any luck. The ATV's refuse to be loaded in anything (probably size related - assuming the size variable wasn't working). The Cessna has no cargo at all and adding it manually didn't work either.