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A3Sync is back online!


Arma 3 Sync is back online!

Please note that you MUST remove your old ATC repo from arma 3 sync before adding the new repo. The autoconfig URL has also changed. For details, see the news post here: 




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NOTE: Please only close this notification once you have actually updated your mods

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    • Mikoi

      DISCORD SERVER   10/04/18

      ANZTAC now has a dedicated Discord Server for both the ARMA and DCS Communities.

      Key Points:
      Discord is a means to keep track of information, notifications, and to talk to the lovable friends you have made within the ATC Respective communities. This service is now up and running and free to join by using the below links.    Mission Updates, Tactical Nights, Training, and General updates will be posted on this service and will be run by key members of their respective communities.   Keep up to date, and maintain situational awareness always, through the use of DISCORD.

      - ANZTAC : ARMA Community     - https://discordapp.com/invite/htT6Q57

      - ANZTAC: DCS Community
          - https://discordapp.com/invite/F9N8nXC

Star Citizen Alpha 3.0

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RSI just dropped their Alpha 3.0 which has released a lot of new ships and locations to explore in the Alpha version of the game. RSI have also announced that they will now begin to release major content and update drops quarterly however they still have not given a ETA on full release, but have no fear we are nearly there. Besides the FPS drops (Defiantly depends on your rig, mine runs fine) and glitches in animations and when a space ports ATC grants you landing and you crush some poor guys fighter... Whoops... It is actually very playable where it is at the moment. I would suggest to those who have the game already from the early days of when it was being backed on kickstarter, to get back in and explore what has changed over time. For those who have not yet purchased it and are thinking of doing so, I would say this, be prepared to get pissed at the game, it is still in Alpha and has many bugs including crashes back to desktop. However! The game is beautiful to look at and I will be spending a little more time on it with the release of 3.0


Anyone looking to jump in and play can take a crew seat in my constellation and come explore some planets and maybe help out with some cargo runs as bandits always love to try pick me off from time to time.



My ship if anyone is keen to come for a fly, I need a co-pilot!



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I need to update it anyway - and get back into it. I had a go when 3.0 dropped - my rig doesn't play it smoothly without... modifications to the graphics that they don't offer by default.  (The FPS drops hurt me bad)

I'd be delighted to help man your constellation. (Or wingman in my Mustang once I've figured out how to attach my gimballed guns to my Track IR.)

I warn you though - last time I played - I spent three hours working out how to grab a mission - jump to my destination, spent 30 minutes scoping out a fighter that had already docked at my destination... only to realise it had been abandoned, picked up my package in zero G - worked out how to store the package in my tiny mustang... only to get back to the mission receiver - to find he'd bugged out and wouldn't give me my reward.

but I'm interested in making some credits and seeing some planetside shenanigans.

see you in the verse.

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as buggy as it is, its still amazing right now. We had the three of us in Haydos' Constellation, we flew from spacestation across to a planet, down to the surface of a planet, had Epicninjacheese land us perfectly (Nobody saw anything like him sliding the ship down a hill.) 

there's just something fun about having another player tell you they're adjusting coarse, and having a planet roll into your view. Not a loading screen or pause as your next destination rolls into sightl (Like in Elite Dangerous) It all just seems so seamless.

We had fun when one of our members tried to walk out of an airlock without a helmet on. its come a long way since I first tried it out... and I have to complement them on their breathtaking ambition. 


so yeah, it looks like they're making some great strides towards success.

(Out of curiosity - what ships did you sport for?)

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11 hours ago, Lyndiman said:

I backed this on kickstarter what, 5 years ago????


It better be amazing at release...

4 years, and it will be. It already amazes me, come have a fly.

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I re downloaded this the other day and jumped on, it runs so much worse now than it did before, appears they have updated the system requirements (as one would expect) in the last 12-18 months. my pc can barely get me about 15 frames at best.  I will await full release and most likely update the box completely at that point (which i am guessing will be sometime in 5 + years) and get right into it.


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