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Detailed Tank Interiors coming to ARMA

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Part of the upcoming Tanks DLC is a free expansion to the existing armoured vehicles, to add 3D interior crew spaces. Previously, the views were simply 2D, similar to looking through binoculars. NOTE: the 2D view is still available via the right click optics button.


Here's a quote from the Lead Artist, Luboš Groch:

The absence of interiors in current armored vehicles was perceived to be the 'missing piece' of the puzzle we will now bring as part of an upcoming free platform update related to the Tanks DLC. That means a little under 20 unique vehicles and their variants will have fully-modeled interiors.

As far as the interiors are concerned, it will not just be a boring flat texture, but immersive richly detailed spaces, which will bring a whole new layer of gameplay. Beside that, we are also working on some completely new assets for this DLC, which should be very specific for enriching a wide range of sandbox toys and complete our tanks-themed package.


Details of the premium DLC content to be included in Tanks should be announced early this year. As an owner of the Supporter Edition, I hope we get some high quality vintage (ie. 2018) tanks!

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