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A3Sync is back online!


Arma 3 Sync is back online!

Please note that you MUST remove your old ATC repo from arma 3 sync before adding the new repo. The autoconfig URL has also changed. For details, see the news post here: 




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NOTE: Please only close this notification once you have actually updated your mods

  • Announcements

    • Mikoi

      DISCORD SERVER   10/04/18

      ANZTAC now has a dedicated Discord Server for both the ARMA and DCS Communities.

      Key Points:
      Discord is a means to keep track of information, notifications, and to talk to the lovable friends you have made within the ATC Respective communities. This service is now up and running and free to join by using the below links.    Mission Updates, Tactical Nights, Training, and General updates will be posted on this service and will be run by key members of their respective communities.   Keep up to date, and maintain situational awareness always, through the use of DISCORD.

      - ANZTAC : ARMA Community     - https://discordapp.com/invite/htT6Q57

      - ANZTAC: DCS Community
          - https://discordapp.com/invite/F9N8nXC
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TTI Chat Command / Mission Trigger List

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TTI Chat Command / Mission Trigger List

Updated: 26 Nov 2017

This is a list of our chat commands for both DCS 1.5.7 and DCS 2.1 TTI ATC Servers.

Please be sure to use ALL CHAT [default key binding SHIFT+TAB] and not ALLIES CHAT.

ONLY ATC/107th MEMBERS WITH ATC/107th JAS AIRCRAFT SLOTS can use the following mission trigger commands

to spawn/initiate missions and tasks using the multiplayer chat.
You must type: “-flag” followed by one of the listed commands to spawn/initiate a mission or task of your choice.

Example, if you want to spawn an Air to Air (Normal) mission type “-flag a2a_norm” in the chat and hit enter.

(For information about joining the 107th SQN, please join our discord channel and ask submitting a flight application.)

ATC/107th SQN Only -flag commands:

Forced Intel Reports:
intel_ground – Displays active ground missions to A2G Jets
intel_sea – Displays active naval missions to A2G and Anti-ship jets.
intel_multirolesmoke – Deploys smoke at all active multirole mission sites.
intel_heloflare – Deploys flares at all active A2G Helo mission sites. (Excludes Infantry Assault)
mission_status – Shows how many of each of the attack missions have been completed.

Air to Air Missions:

a2a_acap – This is a much harder variant than the previous air to air missions; “Aggressive CAP” which features very difficult AI with full A2A loadouts.
a2a_helo – This will initiate a mission where you must attack up to 4 enemy helos that head towards the main airbase.
a2a_lotteryThis will choose a single A2A group to spawn. It will randomly select ONE group from the ENTIRE potential A2A enemy aircraft list.

It can literally be anything from a simple single ship unit from A2A easy or a 4-ship group from A2A ACAP.


Multi-role Missions
multirole – This mission will spawn an air to ground mission as well as some fighters that protect the strike area. CAP and CAS are needed.


Carrier Ops Missions – Choose between CAS or CAP variants of our Carrier Ops Missions


Top Gun Dogfight (Guns Only) Arena Missions:
topgun_easy – x1 Bandit
topgun_normal – x2 Bandits
topgun_hard – x4 Bandits
topgun_insane x8 Bandits ( x2 4-Ship Flights)


Air to Ground Missions:
a2g_jet Ground missions designed for attack jets.
a2g_helo Ground missions designed for attack helicopters.
a2g_infantryassault Ground missions designed for helicopters that drop off troops to fight on the ground.
a2g_helo_random – Will choose between a regular A2G Helo Mission or an A2G Helo Infantry Assault Mission.
a2g_strike A larger size and more difficult ground mission. Jets and helos can both participate.


Anti-Ship Missions
antiship – Spawns enemy ships at sea.

World War 2 Era Missions:
ww2_a2a – Air to air missions for WW2 fighters.
ww2_a2g – Air to ground missions for WW2 fighters.

Korean War Era Missions:
kw_a2a – Air to ground missions for Korean War Era fighters.
kw_a2g – Air to ground missions for Korean War Era fighters.


Special Missions:
nalchik_strike – A large strike mission at Nalchik.
soganlug_strike – A large strike mission at Soganlug.
digora_strike – A large facility strike mission at digora.


SPAWN SPECIFIC MISSIONS IN DCS 1.5.7— Example, if you wanted to spawn A2G Jets Mission 5, you’d type “-flag a2gj_5
Air to Ground Jets Missions: 1-9
a2gj_[MISSION #]

Air to Ground Helo Missions: 1-8
a2gh_[MISSION #]

Infantry Assault Missions: 1-8
ia_[MISSION #]

Anti-Ship Missions: 1-8
as_[MISSION #]

Multirole Missions: 1-7
mr_[MISSION #]

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