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A3Sync is back online!


Arma 3 Sync is back online!

Please note that you MUST remove your old ATC repo from arma 3 sync before adding the new repo. The autoconfig URL has also changed. For details, see the news post here: 




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    • Mikoi

      DISCORD SERVER   10/04/18

      ANZTAC now has a dedicated Discord Server for both the ARMA and DCS Communities.

      Key Points:
      Discord is a means to keep track of information, notifications, and to talk to the lovable friends you have made within the ATC Respective communities. This service is now up and running and free to join by using the below links.    Mission Updates, Tactical Nights, Training, and General updates will be posted on this service and will be run by key members of their respective communities.   Keep up to date, and maintain situational awareness always, through the use of DISCORD.

      - ANZTAC : ARMA Community     - https://discordapp.com/invite/htT6Q57

      - ANZTAC: DCS Community
          - https://discordapp.com/invite/F9N8nXC
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INTO THE INFERNO New Mission Design

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We are currently testing a new version of Inferno


(New automatic tasking)

1) Take off in the aircraft of your choice.

2) The mission will ask you to "CHECK-IN" once you've left the airbase area.

3) Once you CHECK-IN via F10 Menu, the mission will generate a mission based on the aircraft you are flying.

For example, if you are in an F-15C, it will generate air to air enemy fighters that will put up a good fight against the F-15C


[[If you want to choose a more specific task, SECONDARY TASKING STILL EXISTS ]]
Find all menu options to generate missions and to activate commands in the F10 - Other Menu

Transport helicopters (UH-1H, Mi-8MTV2) can use the CTLD to optionally load troops to unload into combat zones.

They can also spawn crates at the helo spawn or the FARP on Krasnodar-Center's airfield.

If CTLD does not appear for the huey or mi8, then try switching out of the helo and switching back. (Bug)

This is an ENDLESS and DYNAMIC mission and includes:
-All non-WWII aircraft.

-Wide variety of missions/tasks (Air to air, air to ground, anti-ship strike, supply run, recon missions naval operations and more!

-The mission randomly generates each of the mission types and has many randomized and dynamic events.

-Your success or failure determines the state of the battlefield.

Russian and NATO forces are in an endless standoff to take control of the Northern Caucus region.

NATO forces are barely keeping Russia at bay with their 3 airbases in Krasnodar.


About this mission:

NOTE: This is and ENDLESS tasked-based scenario where players can choose to several types of missions.

Use the comms menu button ( \ ) to pull up the F10 - Other menu.

Tasks are randomized and will be different every time, as randomized events can occur at any given moment during a task.

You can continue to do tasks as long as you'd like.

JTAC is also available for aircraft that use it.

Choose between E-3A (Imperial) or A-50 (Metric) AWACS aircraft depending on which unit of measurements you'd like to be reported to you.


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Updated to version 1.69bt


-Removed taxi takeoff script (random people blew up)
-Now AI planes don't spawn in random places, back to old A2A spawns, there are still a lot of them, so it should not feel repetitive.(this caused their AI function to stop working, they ignored players and didn't fight back)
-A2A missions now spawn with enemy AWACS.
increased tasking limits
-moved Dallas


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1.69dt - Change log -

Reworked DEBUG group. General fixes,

added options to FORCE tasking and for FORCE Scramble event, reset tasking limits.

Cleaned up menu, no stacking or duplicate items.

- Increased tasking limit for all air frames

- Increase SECONDARY tasking limit for all groups

- Added Gazelle MISTRAL module

- Removed taxiway takeoff punishment (caused hilarious errors)

- Reworked DEEP STRIKE mission, adding more levels of tasks, more random events within the mission.

- Added Carrier Fleet units

- Anti-ship mission units reworked for improved game play(edited)



: - Implementing automatic app restart to MP server start on crash


Scramble Script: - x4 various attack scenarios on Center/Pash (Previously only 2 variations)

- Further cleaning of menus

- Changed F-5E to have AIM-9 instead of GAR8


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"THROUGH THE INFERNO"  has been updated.  We now have the Southern Region.


Fixed SRS now running off the server



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