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Arma 3 Sync is back online!

Please note that you MUST remove your old ATC repo from arma 3 sync before adding the new repo. The autoconfig URL has also changed. For details, see the news post here: 




Note this is a massive update. Please start your downloads sooner rather than later!




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  2. DCS Training Night

    Dissimilar 2v1 BFM Fighter maneuvers as a 2-Ship element engaging a single adversary from multiple geometrys (Defensive and Neutral) and various airframes. Aggressor aircraft will include the F-15, SU-27, F5E and Mirage 2000. Airframes training will be conducted in will be M-2000s and F-15s. Only two trainees can be engaged at one time while instruction is taking place. Spectators will alternate whilst being provided explanation of dos and don'ts by an instructor. Aggressor pilots include Beny and Elo and possibly DC. Mission will be a custom mission taking place on Causcaus. As Persian Gulf maybe out at this time I might see if I can do up an iteration on that map too if time permits. If we have enough time we may move onto 2v2 BFM.
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  5. [MK]The Landing (Part 2)


    Holy shit I am platinum keen.
  6. [MK]The Landing (Part 2)

    MODS: CUP_TERRAIN_CORE CUP_TERRAINS_MAPS CUPTerrains_CWA ACE ACEX ACRE2 CBA_A3 FACESOFWAR IFA3LITE ALL MODS CAN BE FOUND ON THE ATC REPO. At 5.50, on 6 June, the 1,738th day of the war, 138 Allied ships, positioned between three and thirteen miles out, began their tremendous bombardment of the German coastal defenses. Above them, one thousand RAF bombers attacked, followed in turn by one thousand planes of the USAAF. Between them, the aircrews flew 13,688 sorties over the course of D-Day alone. From our ships, weighed down with weapons and seventy pounds of equipment, scaled down scramble nets and into our flat-bottomed landing craft. It will take over three hours for the vessels to traverse the eleven or so miles to the coast. The men, trembling with abject fear, shivering from the cold and suffering from severe sea sickness, endured and held on as their tightly-packed vessels are smashed by six-foot high waves and eighteen-miles per hour winds. At 6.30, the first US troops landed on Omaha and Utah beaches. The defenses around Omaha are formidable. Rommel’s men have placed thousands of ‘dragon’s teeth’ on the beach, designed to take out the base of landing craft, and topped with mines. Gun emplacements have the entire length of beach within their range. The naval bombardment and subsequent aerial bombardment although effective elsewhere have made little impact on Omaha. Ten landing craft have already been sunk. Men, leaping into water too deep, drowned, weighed down by their equipment, try not to make the same mistake, stay within the craft until the gate is lowered, take care of each other. The congested beach at Omaha has become a killing field, littered with bodies, burning tanks and equipment. The noise of screams, gunfire and bombardment filled the air. Terrified men, sprinting, as best as they could across the expanse of beach, found a degree of cover at the base of the cliffs – if they managed to get that far; many have not. ORBAT https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1WnZUShzoldlsZDh-1OcG1wFAIME0a7EEXUcDUTb5J4M/edit#gid=0 HQ ELEMENT (01) - Platoon Leader (02) - Platoon Sergeant (03) - Platoon Radioman (04) - Platoon Medic (05) - Platoon Medic Alpha Section (06) - Section Commander (07) - Section 2IC (08) - Section Radioman (09) - Section Scout (10) - Section Rifleman (11) - Section Rifleman (12) - Section Demo Expert (13) - Section Machinegunner Assistant (14) - Section Machinegunner Bravo Section (15) - Section Commander (16) - Section 2IC (17) - Section Radioman (18) - Section Scout (19) - Section Rifleman (20) - Section Rifleman (21) - Section Demo Expert (22) - Section Machinegunner Assistant (23) - Section Machinegunner
  7. [DH] COP Dune Rat


    Cant make it because of family event on Sunday.
  8. [DH] COP Dune Rat

    Situation: Golf Company assaulted and took an enemy strong hold. The enemy appears to be a new Insurgent cell believed to be backed by the Russian Military. Two months later and your squad has been tasked to take hold of the strong hold whilst guarding a defector and defending the radio mast. Objective: Defend your COP and listen in for vital intel coming through the radio mast. Mission Fail Scenarios: Nil Alive BluFor Achmed KIA Radio Mast Destroyed Mods: ACE ACEX ACRE CBA Enhanced movement CUP Maps CUP Terrains JBAD Buildings Project OPFOR ShacTac RHS: ALL BAF: ALL ORBAT: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1fVFW9MSVg_bjZOPWlD3td0dJqOlo3HwdbbKhNIIf6lU/edit?usp=sharing
  9. What is ATC Joint Aviation Squadron The ATC JAS is an entity within the "Australian-New Zealand Tactical Community" (ANZTAC) and who share the same interest in DCS World as the "Through The Inferno (TTI) Community". Our goals are to offer an advanced online collaborative PvE experience in DCS, for various pilots and in a respectful and developmental environment. We focus on overcoming dynamic and challenging scenarios, we achieve this by working collaboratively with each other. During our events, we try to replicate real life tactical situations that can only be completed by everyone pulling their weight. Therefore, we operate differently from other virtual squadrons out there, this is why we are a JAS; Joint Aviation Squadron. We think we can offer more than just flying and operating an aircraft. In contrary to a regular squadron that might focus on a couple of aircraft/platform and run a catered mission for those, Through The Inferno (TTI) provides us with a dynamic battleground and environment. Randomized targets, moving assets and AI mixed with real life weather just to name a few. All this combined with human AWACS / ATC / FAC services enable us to offer the most wholistic PvE experience out there, using everything that DCS has to offer. Because of this philosophy, we organize the squadron based on what is best for our Mission Commanders (MCOMs) to use during an event. Like a strategy game for DCS, some units are used for certain roles or some units can be specialized into one. As a member of ATC, pilots train to be as proficient as possible in the role that they are to provide during an operation. Providing an efficient asset to the whole squadron is the key to succeeding in the very challenging situations the JAS has to tackle. Each flight resultant of this organization is a different entity with its own operating rules as well as specific attitude and values. We proud ourselves in the fact that we can fit people of various interest in flight-simming into the right flight. Another way to describe where the ATC is in terms of simulation and game play is how you would describe the difference between Squad and a full fledge Arma 3 combined arms COOP mission. They both are realistic and cooperative, but only one of them does it on full scale and collaboratively. What is expected of you as an ATC pilot A simple way to put it is to say that an ATC pilot is someone that is interested in more than just flying an aircraft but also interested in how it’s done in real life. That includes being a good teamplayer, procedures so that everyone gets to fly safely and not crash into each other and just a good dose of common sense. As a way to try to describe what being an ATC pilot is, here is a list what an ATC pilot is not: Not being interested in flying and helping other members of ATC (anztac.com) Endangering and impairing other pilots experience by lack of communication or collaboration. Only interested in how many kills you can get, regardless of the tactical situation. Dis-respectful of others and incapable of having mature discussions. Role & Platforms: During many events, the ATC refined which roles are valuable to effectively succeed in an ever-changing tactical scenario. Here is a quick detail of them, see if there is one you like: CAS (Close Air Support): Maximum air to ground support for troops in contact. Offer long loiter time for countering enemy ground assets. Maximum versatility in weapon employment Carrier based BAI (Battlefield Air Interdiction): Provide command with an easy to project flight package. Utilizing carrier or FARP brings that valuable flexibility Medium-fast speed response to CAS if needed Medium versatility in weapon employment Strike / Anti-Ship: Deliver strike capability on hard to access targets while guaranteeing a safe return Autonomous flight package that can execute pre-planned assault on land or sea with little to no guidance from AWACS Take ownership of the anti-ship mission SEAD: Excel in the technique of “Wild Weaseling” to secure a hot AO fly-zone before the rest of the package arrives. Medium fast response time with medium loitering time. Long range weapon employment and, other specialized weapon delivery. This include future SLAM-ER, JSOW, etc.… Rotary-wing multi mission: Utilize the capabilities of rotary-wing platforms to perform various mission from attack / CAS to escort and the transportation of cargo Operate as a single unit while flying different platforms together Assume the role of an AFAC with modern sensors and lasing technologies. Carrier based OCA (Offensive Counter Air): Provide air interdiction in an offensive setup. Deployable from an aircraft carrier for added flexibility Provide escort for strike / attack groups. Specialize in close combat and utilizing terrain for getting behind enemy BARCAP Land / Carrier based DCA (Defensive Counter Air): Secure the airspace friendly forces operate in. Establish BARCAP and excel in BVR combat in order to suppress enemy air assets. Assume the fleet defense mission. Can be carrier based for the purpose of the mission but not necessarily. Maximize BARCAP time. Keep weapon use to a minimum to assume multiple engagement during a sortie. Carrier based Multirole (Support): Provide the tactical commander with assets that can respond quickly in-flight for air to air or air to ground tasking. Excel in reading tactical situation and able to re-plan quickly Carrier based for maximum flexibility AWACS Provide GCI (Ground Controlled Interception) services to aircraft under their command Provide FAC (Forward Air Controller) and Mission Command Provide ATC services Each role specialization come with cons as well (not detailed here) so that’s why working together makes up for it. Flight organization: To assume all these roles, the ATC created a ‘flight’ per role. Each of this flight utilizes the platform(s) (module(s)) of their choosing to best accomplish their mission / role within ATC. Some flights use a single aircraft, some use more than one, some use all helicopter modules. Some even use the same aircraft as another flight, especially with upcoming modules. The goal of ATC is to have pilots as who perform to a high standard in their chosen role, no matter the aircraft. ATC flights are autonomous in a sense that internal organization is left up to the single flight lead. This is made to keep a very flat structure at the top of 107th. Training and different positions within the flight is also left at discretion of the flight lead. All flights only share two common items: the check ride and basic proficiency. Regardless of flights organization and training course, each pilot must pass their check ride that validates that they can perform the role assigned to their flights proficiently in an event. Said pilot should also demonstrate a basic proficiency in skills shared by all the flights to operate together, namely Communication and Traffic rules for ATC. Carrier operational qualifications is an added requirement to operate aboard the 107th ships. This organization lets us provide various level of flight-simming for pilots looking for the right level of rigor or sim experience to suit their liking. Some roles require a high level of decision making or rigor, while others are more specialized and require a large amount of knowledge to operate the various kinds of weaponry associated with their flight compared to others that are more about pure flying skills for example. A complete list of ATC flights is available for browsing and each flight member can easily answer questions regarding their flight on Discord. Flights list: As stated before, each flight is different from the other. Take the time to learn about them and see where you could fit based on the kind of role you want to play within the JAS. Pilots get to choose which one they want to apply for and they can only train in one at a time. The AWACS club is the only one that can be trained for in parallel of another flight. Some flights allow “dual-membership” with others while some don’t. To apply please fill in the template provided below in our Discord channel called #flight applications. Flight Role Current aircraft Future aircraft Link to page Grizzly Rotary Wing Ka-50 Mi-8 UH-1 SA342 Bo-105 Mi-24 Bear SEAD Su-25T, Su-25 F/A-18C, Su-25T, Su-25 Condor Multirole M-2000C F/A-18C Pandion CAS A-10C A-10C Gryphon DCA/CAP F-15C F/A-18C, F-14B, F-15C Shark OCA/CAP Su-33, Su-27 F/A-18C, F-14B Vargar Strike, Anti-Ship AJS-37 AJS-37, F/A-18C Kestrel BAI AV-8B F/A-18C AWACS Club AWACS Goggles Paddles
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  11. New donation from McFur

    Hi McFur, Thank you for your donation of $10.00. We look forward to improving the forums and maintaining the ATC game servers with your donation. Thanks Australia-New Zealand Tactical Community
  12. [DC]MT Longdon

    Requires at least 18 players. 25 target. Place holder. 11-June 1982 Falkland Islands The final barrier to port Stanley lays ahead. Mount Longdon is one of the keys to unlock the way to victory. Third Battalion, the Parachute Regiment (3 PARA) will conduct a night assault against the prepared positions of the 7th Infantry Regiment of Argentine forces. @CBA @ACE @ACEX @ACRE @RHS (ALL) @BAF @FACES OF WAR @IFA ORBAT: HQ 1-1 sgt/FO 2x medics 2x Mortar men 3x Rifle sections: SL 2IC 1x GPMG assist MG 1 GRN 2 AT RF 3 riflemen ORBAT: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1x_v82ekWjQzPG3BROQ7-babIwYba6RkUUo4_UnlX3_E/edit?usp=sharing
  13. DCS World 2.51 Update 1

    pen Beta DCS Update 1 Added new L-39 Kursant Campaign dcs_updater added with locale support (EN, RU, DE, and CN) DCS World A-10A, A-10C. Corrupted TV display fixed. Fixed CTD when Helicopter AI group landing on the ground.. The sun will not shine through the rearview mirrors. ME maps. Fixed the captions that could be corrupted by zoom and moving. MP. Changed the order of server IC options on client. The player will not have the opportunity to see the usermarks of the opposite coalition. Added option to use built-in to VR device mic and speakers or not. The aircraft will not ignores the task via triggered action for changing waypoint. Restored moonlight in the night. ME. MLRS FDDM vehicle has been moved to Artillery category. ME. Fixed GUI Error after deleting a unit when using the list box. MiG-29S. The old R-77 launcher replaced with corrected new one. ARM Kh-25MP. Minimum range was increased. ARM AGM-45. Minimum range was increased. Added new warning window with switching to OFFLINE mode. AA missile R-77. Corrected data for launch zone calculation, turn off the loft maneuver. Fixed incockpit heavy breath sound at high G. ME. Fixed error caused using the list box of vehicles with appointed target mark. DCS Flaming Cliffs Corrected carrier arresting cables physics. Su-33 will not explodes if arresting hook contact with cable in backward move. J-11A. Corrected pilot suit skin. Different skins will have its own pilot skin in F1 view. J-11A. The HUD symbols will not place out of glass borders. J-11A. The HUD language will depend by selected language in the options. J-11A. Will be displayed on the RWRs of western aircraft as Su-27. J-11A. Added customized cockpit support for J-11A J-11A. AI and Flyable have no Su-27 sound effect fixed. DCS A-10C A-10A, A-10C. Corrupted TV display fixed. Datalink restored. DCS MiG-21Bis by Magnitude 3 LLC Updated instrument needles to stop Z buffering. Fixed ADI tape’s animation and 3D mesh. Adjusted phosphor green glow to be brighter. Fixed cockpit lights. Chinese cockpit added by uboats. HUD glass changed for visual enjoyment. Canopy glass alpha channel adjusted. Fixed landing gear strut lights from being on constantly. Fixed material attributes on RN-24/28 bombs and APU-13MT rail. Fixed 3D mesh vertical tail top section to be more curved. Fixed non-rotating compressor blades. Added PLAAF white livery by uboats. Added Chinese localization for missions. DCS Mi-8MTV2 by BST Corrected training mission MI-8MTV2-Training-Weapons. Corrected instant missions Mi-8MTV2-QS-Convoy Raid and Mi-8MTV2-QS-Target Practice. DCS NS430 by BST Right Knob scrolling through letters randomly - fixed. DCS MiG-15bis by BST Corrected cockpit white lamps. Corrected training missions. DCS L-39 The behaviour of CB "МРП-РВ" when mission started first time corrected. DCS C-101 by AvioDev Fixed helmet glass in VR. DCS AV-8B N/A by RAZBAM Added KC-135 Drogue Tanker AI AG master mode selection improvements USS Tarawa TACAN enabled Armament control panel improvements and corrections STRS Page update Laser code input updated AGM-65E handler enabled (WIP) IRMV Sensor select bug fixed TPOD THC select bug fixed DMT sensor movement in LSS Vapor effects initial implementation ACNIP and Radio Control Set (Backup Radio Control functionality) Cold cockpit switch position corrections MPCD brightness glow/reflection added EDP brightness knob functional Cleaned up cockpit command params of unused duplicates Engine stress damage overhaul (better indications as damage occurs, correct resetting of damage, more dynamic modeling of damage through RPM range) Corrected inertia modeling of weight and balance with respect to fuel consumption and refueling Corrected actuator movement rate of flight controls actuators Corrected aileron effectiveness coefficients Corrected COMM2 UFC knob not animating correctly and tied with water flow light on EDP Added LODs for external model for optimization Optimized collision model DCS M-2000C by RAZBAM Vortices/vapor effects Cockpit clock bug fix. Campaigns A-10C The Enemy Within Campaign - missions 7 and 17 corrected. UH-1H Argo Campaign - some missions corrected. A-10C Advanced Campaign - corrected missions AAT10 - AG Missile Employment. A-10C BFT Campaign - adjusted the altitude triggers make them work better. Mi-8MTV2 Oilfield Campaign - fixed conditions of landing in missions 10 and 14. Mi-8MTV2 Spring Tension Campaign - fixed condition of landing in missions from 1 to 9.
  14. New donation from Talon

    Hi Talon, Thank you for your donation of $25.00. We look forward to improving the forums and maintaining the ATC game servers with your donation. Thanks Australia-New Zealand Tactical Community
  15. Group Leaders Meeting


    Next week I can do.
  16. Group Leaders Meeting


    Also finishing work at 7:30 next week, so still a maybe.
  17. Group Leaders Meeting


    Hi team. I am quite ill so I will not be making it. As such, I have decided to postpone the meeting to next week Tuesday (15th May)
  18. DCS Training Night


    Will probably be on a bit after the start time.
  19. Group Leaders Meeting


    As discussed during NCO meeting, I'm planning to be away all week. I'll advise if I'm going to be able to make this.
  20. Group Leaders Meeting


    Might be able to make it, finish work at 7:30.
  21. DCS Training Night

    A-A Tactics and employment training. Training will hone pre-established skills in 2vX air to air scenarios. Online whiteboard maybe be used for revision. After that it will be a largely workshop style training session where trainees will move among themselves in the standard TTI mission whilst being provided instruction by Beny overlooking the situation.
  22. [KT]Fallschirmjäger


    Nah, its a defend mission and the AO is roughly 130m wide. Will employ smoke signals, Green means go, Red means stop, Blue means retreat. I swapped the runners out for a panzerschreck team (so I can throw vehicles at the defensive line)
  23. [KT]Fallschirmjäger


    Any radios or runners?
  24. [KT]Fallschirmjäger


  25. [KT]Fallschirmjäger


    ACE has an update as well..
  26. Meeting - NCO and above


    haha no i guess it was me that was confused.... dunno why i thought it was the 2nd Tuesday.
  27. [KT]Fallschirmjäger


  28. Rangers Lead the Way Compilation

    I had to include your impersonation of a horse saying "Sierra"
  29. [KT]Fallschirmjäger


    Is the repo going to get an update prior to this. I think both ifa and flow have been updated.
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