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A3Sync is back online!


Arma 3 Sync is back online!

Please note that you MUST remove your old ATC repo from arma 3 sync before adding the new repo. The autoconfig URL has also changed. For details, see the news post here: 




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[PR]Heavy Russian


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Situation Overview

After months of political back and forth between Russian Federation and Somalia due to the execution and results of Operation Easy Listening, Putin has decided to deal with Somalia by launching a "peace keeping" operation by dismantling Somalia's armed forces by force. You, members of the 31st Guard Airborne Brigade, 2nd Platoon;  will be spearheading the amphibious assault on Mogidashu in BTR-80As, as there have been reports of manpad AA weapons in the area.


Situation Enemy

Since Operation Easy Listening, the Somalian Armed Forces has had their budget increased and acquired more military equipment and personnel. Expect Cold War era weaponry such as AKM/AK74s, RPGs, PKMs; as well as armed technicals. There have also been sightings (RE: Intel Package) of BM-21s, BTR-60s and a T-72 or two.

However, due to the unexpected nature of this assault, a large number of the SAF have been spread across the city trying to evacuate civilians to the Stadium and as such, there should be less resistance during the first phase of this operation.


Situation Friendly

Outside of a flight of Mi-24V that have been tasked with supporting your assault, you are on your own.


Situation Civilian

Civilians have mostly been evacuated and moved to the stadium in the north. It will be unlikely for friendlies to encounter any civilians during this operation.

The Mi-24 flight are NOT to engage any targets in the vicinity of the Stadium.



The 31st Guard Airborne Brigade, 2nd Platoon; are tasked with accomplishing 3 tasks. First and foremost, securing the airfield south of the city of Mogidashu. This will be Russian's most critical supply route into the city and as such, needs to be secure, intact.

Second, secure the harbour to secure a secondary sea route for reinforcement and supplies to come. Thirdly, capture the mosque marked on the map. Arial surveillance  indicates the mosque is being used as a command post.



Phase 1 - Secure the Airfield

Phase 2 - Secure the Harbour

Phase 3 - Capture the Mosque


Intel Packages


Arial Surveillance of the Airfield [5 Days ago]





Image indicates mortar and static AA emplacements in the vicinity of the airfield. It also indicates the SAF have BTR-60s and BM-21s.


Arial Surveillance of the Mosque [5 Days ago]



Image indicates static emplacements along the outer walls of the mosque as well armored vehicles parked around and inside the walls of the mosque.



This mission is NO respawn. Ammunition and supplies are carried by the BTR-80As and should sustain the platoon throughout the operation. The Mi-24V's starting and staging point is armed on the map.

There are 117s in the BTR-80A if 148s have difficulties reaching the Mi-24V.



Platoon HQ - 343 Channel 1

Alpha - 343 Channel 2

Bravo - 343 Channel 3

Charlie - 343 Channel 4

Pilots - 343 Channel 5

Vehicle crews shouldn't require a dedicated 343 channel due to intercom system. Vehicle crews should keep their 343s tuned to their respective assigned squads.


Platoon Command Net - 148/117  Channel 1

Ground to Air Net - 148/117 Channel 2




Platoon HQ

  • Platoon Commander
  • Platoon Sarg
  • Platoon Radio Operator
  • Platoon Medic


  • Squad Leader
  • Grenadier (GP-25)
  • Machinegunner (PKP) - Avidius
  • Machinegunner Assistant
  • Efreitor - Xerxes
  • Grenadier (RPG-7)
  • Marksman (PSO 4x)
  • Squad Medic


  • Squad Leader - Boosh
  • Grenadier (GP-25)
  • Machinegunner (PKP)
  • Machinegunner Assistant
  • Efreitor - Red
  • Grenadier (RPG-7)
  • Marksman (PSO 4x)
  • Squad Medic


  • Squad Leader
  • Grenadier (GP-25)
  • Machinegunner (PKP)
  • Machinegunner Assistant
  • Efreitor
  • Grenadier (RPG-7)
  • Marksman (PSO 4x)
  • Squad Medic


  • Commander - Azer
  • Driver - Morbo
  • Gunner - Rambo



  • Commander - Gelly
  • Driver
  • Gunner


  • Commander
  • Driver
  • Gunner


Mi-24V (CAS)

  • Pilot - Boden
  • Gunner -



  • Dash
  • Piro
  • TBA (Do not request this slot, as you will not get it)


Mod List

  • CBA
  • ACE3
  • ACRE2
  • Leight's Opfor
  • CUP Core + Terrain
  • Mog
    • Panthera
    • Duala
    • JBAD Buildings
    • MBG


Recommended Comments

Probably out for this. Going to see Deadpool (wooo!) and it is valentines day so i'm going to be getting me some of that sweet sweet lovin.


But mainly out because of Deadpool.

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Valentines day huh? Well, I was going to watch the Notebook, then cry myself to sleep...but I guess I can do that after the tac.


I'd be keen for a team leader (Efreitor) role, or if needed I can step up to SL or BTR crew. Where ever you need me.

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If possible, will be happy as Efreitor this time out. If a junior with leadership aspirations wants to try squad leading I am more than happy to be your section 2IC and assist/mentor as required.

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Actually, I would like to take up red on the squad lead role.


I don't know how this is going to turn out. I mean like, so many positive waves... maybe we can't lose..

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