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A3Sync is back online!


Arma 3 Sync is back online!

Please note that you MUST remove your old ATC repo from arma 3 sync before adding the new repo. The autoconfig URL has also changed. For details, see the news post here: 




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Operation Swift Lion


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Operation Swift Lion part of the US Task Force Aegis to combat Insurgency in Altis. Operation Swift Lion objectives are to dismantle Insurgent activity in the Oreokastro region, and to capture or kill Svift Lev, A high level member of the terrorist group known as the Haqqani Network.



In 2006, a US led invasion (Altian Freedom) toppled the incumbent hard-line regime of Altis. The installment of a new US backed democratic government gave rise to pro-Turkish, anti-Western sentiments among the Islamic Turkish ethnic minority. With the withdrawal of the majority of US combat troops and the hand over to the newly reformed AAF, Altis has become a hotbed of extremism, giving rise to an insurgency. The remaining US forces in country have shifted focus to mentoring and COIN with their AAF counterparts.


Current Day

Insurgent forces have staged major attacks on Prygos, Sofia, minor skirmishes in the streets of Kavala, AAF forces are currently engaged in these conflicts, draining most of the combined AAF and US air power to win the fight. Our Prophet spooks have picked up ICOM from members of Svift Lev Cell saying they are moving towards the AAF outpost at Agios Dionysios. Prophet believes Svift Lev is personally leading the troops.



The Haqqani are the largest, and most active Insurgent force on Altis. They operate in a tiered network; the lowest tier are locally recruited fighters with no training and little experience. The second tier are foreign fighters, they primarily come from Turkey, Greece, Macedonia and former Soviet Union countries such as Ukraine, Dagestan. These foreigners lead the Haqqani forces at squad level, these foreign fighters are responsible for training the local fighters beneath them. The third tier are the Cell Leaders, men who have proved themselves capable and fierce fighters to the Haqqani Network. The fourth and highest tier are the three Haqqani brothers and their support staff, responsible for financing, arming, and planning for the cells.


The Haqqani Cells prefer to use ambush tactics and fight from stand off ranges unless they significantly outnumber US and AAF forces. Previous units deployed to our AO have reported being caught in sophisticated ambushes that have stretched a kilometer, with multiple machine gun and RPG bunkers hidden along hilltops.


Haqqani insurgents are primarily armed with Aks, SVDs, RPKs, PKMs, RPGs, Dishka machineguns and SPG-9s. They have previously used Strela AA launchers in the past, but it is believed they have low supplies of this weapon system.


Civilian pickups, flatbeds, and UAZs are used by Haqqani fighters for covert transport of supplies. Years of US airstrikes have taught the Insurgents to use vehicles sparingly, their fighters now prefer to use knowledge of the terrain to move quickly acoss the battlefield.



Bravo Company of the 1-75th Ranger Regiment is to move to contact with Insurgent force of unknown strength and composition believed to be led by Svift Lev. Companys main objective is to destroy Insurgent force and capture, if possible, Svift Lev.



Decided by Company Commander and Platoon Leaders.



Mission has respawn. Players respawn at FOB Petraeus and will require transport by Eagle Flight back into the action.

Resupply will be done in the field by Eagle Flight airlifting Ammo crates in.



Command and Signals 

Chain of Command

Company Commander 

Company Executive Officer 

1st Platoon Leader

2nd Platoon Leader 

3rd Platoon Leader 




Company Net - LR Ch5

Company HQ 343 Net - Block 4

Shelldrake Support - LR Ch6

Air to Ground Net - LR Ch7

Eagle Flight Net - LR Ch8

1st Platoon Net - LR Ch1

1st Platoon 343 Net - Block 1

2nd Platoon Net -LR Ch2

2nd Platoon 343 Net - Block 2

Stalker Platoon Net - LR Ch3

Stalker Platoon 343 Net - Block 3


ORBAT << Click it









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Will there be an opportunity to test the mod set and mission setup (kits and mission unique mechanics) beforehand? Ideally I'd like to get the CTB guys in a couple of weeks out in order to build interest and cohesion.

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5 minutes ago, Red said:

I was a reasonably late RSVP for this one, so will be on the standby bench if we are full. Anything infantry based suits me.


Theres space for you.

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