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Arma 3 Sync is back online!

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Pretty Ninjas that didnt work


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Guardians Campaign Part Two




Trident Company continues to lead the Marine Assault into Takistan.



Takistan Army - Founded in 1946 after the second World War, the Takistani Army has seen action against its neighbour Ardistan twice. Consisting of Five Corps of Motorized Infantry mounted in BDRMs, and one Division of Armour using outdated T-55s.


Takistan Army Air Corp - Founded in 1970. The TAAC uses Russian Su-25s for its fixed wing Squadrons, and Mi-24D, and Mi-17s for its Rotary Squadrons. The TAAC is stationed at Murad Airbase and Rasman Airbase.


Fatih Murad - Created after the failed Coup in 1993, the Shawa Party identified the failure of the Takistan Military to quickly silence dissent. The Fatih Murad is a paramilitary force filled with die hard supporters of Mehmid bin Murad and is used to quell civil unrest, conduct political kidnappings, assassinations and torture. The Fatih Murad is also tasked with assisting the Takistan Army with defence of the state if invaded.

Generally equipped with AKs and RPGs, the Fatih Murad have no uniform or standard kit, members wear anything from fatigues and ballistic vests to Adidas tracksuits and ammo belts.



As the lead element, all friendlies will be to our rear until the final objective, Combat Team Tank will then be operating on our Northern flank.



Minimal presence expected.




Second Platoon, Trident Company continues to lead the push through the Takistani defences. Our objective is to clear the way for Team Tank to assault the Murad Airbase. This means we will need to clear several small hamlets and town in the valley before securing the high ground overlooking the Airfield.




Piro's Briefing



Phase 1 - Admin Move

Trident-Two is deployed 1km to east of Phase Line 1. They are to move west to the phase line.




Phase 2 - Assault Hazar Bagh

Ironside is to provide cover while Alpha and Bravo are to move to their respective tree lines, mounted. Once in position, they are to dismount while their Saxon call signs are to provide smoke and covering fire. Once in setup, they are to assault the hamlet, with Alpha clearing the north side and Bravo sweeping the soutern side, and rallying on the other side of the hamlet (Phase Line 2).




Phase 3 -  Advance to Chardarakht

Alpha and Bravo to cautiously sweep their assigned path with Ironside and the Saxon callsigns providing cover. Use the terrain to mask and conceal movement and clear through the small village outside of Chardarakht. Once the village is secure, RV in the vicinity of Phase Line 3.




Phase 4 - Assault Chardarakht

Alpha and Bravo are both to secure the compound on the outskirts of Chardarakht. From this position Bravo is to use the compound as a SBF position, while Alpha maneuvers to assault the town. Whilst this is happening, MacGyver callsigns are to push up along the MSR and deploy the MICLIC device along the road leading into town (reference MICLIC Deployment marker on map). Once is this complete. Alpha is move and sweep through the northern sector of the town whilst Bravo pushes up and sweeps through the southern side. They are to rally in the vicinity of Phase 4.




Phase 5 - Move to Final Assault Positions.

It is as it sounds.




Phase 6 - Assault Jaza

Whilst Ironside and the Saxon call signs provide covering fire, Alpha and Bravo are to assault the eastern half of Jaza in a 2-pronged assault, utilizing smoke and other means to mask their movement. Once the eastern half has been swept through, they are to move to the 2nd assault marker position utilizing the terrain to defilade. Once in position, they are to sweep through the western half of Jaza. Once secure, they are to RV on top of the Rally marker on Phase Line 6 and to enjoy the show.



1. I have been informed there may be hidden minefields along planned route. Apply common sense, spread out and be aware.

2. There is Air Support on station (Harriers (call signs Reaper One and Two with GBUs, AGMs and dumb bombs). Squad leaders if they need it can relay to the PLT JTAC for CAS runs.

3. Alternatively, we have tank support (Call sign Ironside), Alpha and Bravo and relay to the PLT CO with a formal or informal call for support and it will be bounced to the Ironside call signs.



Mission is no respawn (deaths due to being Arma'd are allowed to rejoin and will be teleported to their unit).

Extra ammunition for personal weapons is stored in Saxon Callsigns.

Vehicle Repair and Resupply from MacGyver.

Air resupply done at south-eastern edge of map.



Command and Signals 

Chain of Command 

Platoon Leader 

Platoon Sergeant 

Alpha Squad Leader 

Bravo Squad Leader 


Radio Nets

148s and 117s

Ch1 Platoon Leader and Platoon Sergeant

Ch2 Platoon Leader and Squad Leaders

Ch3 Platoon Sergeant and Vehicle Commanders

Ch4 JTAC and Reapers



Ch1 Alpha Squad, Saxon One and Two

Ch2 Bravo Squad, Saxon Three and Four




Same as last week. Comment here or on the Google Docs


Recommended Comments

Sorry Lads cant make promises on this one. I am on Ex over the 2 week period starting 26 Feb - 11 Mar. I'll be on after then and will try during if i can still breath.


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4 hours ago, MachineMadness said:

I'll take a driving position if need be with human gunner.


Worry about that if we get 44 rsvps. In the meantime I'd suggest picking a slot that lets you bring "freedom" to the Takistani people.



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I will be around, however due to the fact I'm still running ARMA on a GT620 until I get my Ti's back, I don't think I can join.


(I get 14 FPS on the Alive server with 5 people)

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15 minutes ago, Anvil said:

any ghosts in the mods i should be aware of from the modlist from last week?




Modlist is in TS channel, its all I am running when building the mission.

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