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Arma 3 Sync is back online!

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Circa – June 2015: After a recent bust of explosive goods, weapons and drugs from an Iranian freighter by Omani authorities UAE intelligence suspects an ISIS cell in the area of Khasab has started to gain serious traction. This is somewhat disputed however as the Omani ambassador has refused to comment on how much they know of the apparent emerging cell. Several other nations including the France, Germany, Australia and the US, the latter two operating out of the UAE against ISIS in Syria have also asked for information. Oman has revealed that appropriate countermeasures have been taken, but they are not willing to work with the UAE at the moment due to the spy ring exposed in 2012. Iran has also denied comment of the matter saying their authorities and border patrol knew nothing of the shipment.

August 2015: A suicide bombing at a Mosque across the road from a school in Al Jeer on the UAE side of the Musadam Enclave border claimed the lives of 15 locals including several children. The bomber initially opened fire in the school before moving his attention to the mosque. After a brief gun fight with local police the bomber ran out of ammunition and detonated in the mosque killing all inside. Investigators revealed the weapon and explosives came from Oman.
ISIS soon claimed responsibility. The UAE has demanded an explanation from Oman as to how this could happen but Oman has yet to comment. The UAE has since increased its military presence at their northern border with heightened security and patrols.

September 2015: UAE Special Forces raided a cement factory in Dibba Al Fujairah on the Eastern side of the strait near the border and discovered a large amount of weapons including small arms, RPGs, DShKs, and a small amount of Iglas. The also killed several militants. The militants were identified as Iranian extremist from various parts of Iran, namely from Lar and the Zaheden to the Northeast bordering Afghanistan.
In the following days several checkpoints around the centre of the strait were attacked. Omani news sources also report of several small skirmishes outside Khasab and around the Musadam Encalve.

January 2016: Oman announces limited cooperation with the West against the will of Iran’s Ambassador. Their intelligence reveal what US and UAE intelligences feared. An ISIS cell has grown exponentially in the last few months. Whilst the enclave has been subject to minor attacks the cell appears to be focusing their efforts in the UAE. The cell, although fundamentally following ISIS’ Salafi Sunni extremism, also has religious ties and financial support from other salafi groups such as Al-Qaeda and the Taliban.

Febuary 2016: In the weeks following Oman’s public declaration of limited support ISIS has declared an expansion of their caliphate to the Strait of Hormuz. Soon after several suicide bombings and skirmishes with UAE forces begin to break out. Civilians start to flee northern UAE to the south. UAEAF F-16s begin surgical strikes in and around the mountains on the southern border of Oman. Oman contest this vigorously and deploys Eurofighters of its own to counter the apparent aggression.

March 2016: A UN General Assembly is called to discuss the rising ISIS threat on the Strait and the high tensions between the UAE and Oman.
After some discussion Oman agreed to stop shipments from Iran for the time being in order to combat the supply of weapons to the cell on the strait. They also proposed to withdraw their Typhoons if the UAE did the same with their F-16s. The UAE refused.
A compromised was met when both sides agreed to withdraw their own air forces and allow an extension of the Combined Joint Task Force (CJTF) between Australia and the United States to provide support, intelligence and strikes on both sides of the border to combat the threat.
The USAF re-assigned the 74th Fighter Squadron and deployed them to Al Dhafra AFB. Australia limited their role to logistics due to parliamentary disputes. This symbolizes the launch of Operation Hormuz Integrity.

Enemy Forces
The cell has amassed quite the inventory. They are operating multiple AAAs guns, iglas and a very large amount of small arms. There is at least 20 plus militants in both the camps and an unknown amount throughout the rest of the peninsula. 

Friendly Forces
CJTF forces are operating out of Al Dhafra in the form of several Mudhens, Mirages and Hornets. They are not involved in this operation. The UAE will be conducting airspace sanitation duties and will be on comms if the situation needs. Oman is currently letting the UAE handle the no fly zone this week, however you can expect them to alternate that duty throughout the week.

Neutral Forces
Iran to the north still maintains that it's airspace is OFF LIMITs to coalition aircraft and they are currently patrolling it vigorously. Take heed not to cross more then 10-20NM beyond the coast to avoid having their Phantoms or Migs vectored in. 


The opening week of the 74th arriving at Al Dharfra has been a busy one. Recon flights and SFs from Oman have tracked a large supply of arms to the south of Khasab. An initial estimate of terrorist involved in this operation is in the mid hundreds. 
Intel reports that the insurgents are planning on moving the new supplys south to an operations post they have. 4 hogs are to locate and destroy this convoy before it reaches it's location. Care must be taken however as Musadam is still populated, as such, the convoy should be tracked to an open road and eliminated there to reduce the risk of civilian casualties.

The second objective is the destruction of the two camps SFs found. One of which is where the convoy is originating from. Once the camp has been beat down a bit Omani forces will move in and secure it. To the north in Khasab the Omanis have two mechanized platoons standing by to move in. To the south they also have to platoons to be dropped in by helos just to the east of the southern camp once the AA has been taken out. 

UAEAF Mirages will be flying CAP maintaining the no fly zone.


The A-10s will be wheels up at 0740 and proceed along their flight plan. Both known camps will be programmed waypoints so spotting them should be easy.
Start your search for the convoy at waypoint 2 and work south from there. They know moving a bunch of trucks through open ground is suspicious so you can expect them to be in a hurry.
1. Destroy the convoy using what munitions you see fit. Be mindful you still have two objectives after this. 
2. Knock out the camp to the north at waypoint two. The Omani armor will move in once you have softened it up enough for them. When they do move watch your fire. They will be coming in from the north in Khasab.
3. Once the northern camp has been wiped out focus your efforts on the southern camp air defense. There are a few Iglas and AAA in and around the town. Once those have been knocked out the Omani choppers will push in from the north. You can expect them to arrive a LZ Chuckles to the east of town just beyond the spur 3 minutes after you knock out the last AA. 
Refer to the annexes below for recon as of 0430. Once your there special forces are on the ground to provide further talk on if required.

The airspace should be sanitized however friendly aircraft are sill maintaining the no fly zone after the events of 2014 in the Ukraine. 

See the comms part below for information. 



Standard A-G doctrine applies. Maintain a flare heavy program and use them when running in on targets. Be vigilant as soon as you fence in as we only know of two camps and there maybe more through the strait. 

Loadout will be small. 2x Mk82s, rockets, a GBU-12 and full gun.

The GAU is your greatest weapon. 



ATC/CTAF is on 251.000Mhz
GCI/Command: 254.000Mhz
INTERCOM: At flight leaders discretion. 
Pointer (Southern SF Team): 120.000am
Shaba (Northern SF Team): 121.000am


CASBAH will be on station to provide GCI

4x A-10Cs REAPER 1
2x M-2000s SPEEDY 1



CALLSIGN Steerpoint 1

Steerpoint 2

Steerpoint 3

Steerpoint 4

Steerpoint 5



Annex A, Northern Camp                                                                                                             Annex B, Southern Camp


Northern Camp.png            Southern Camp.png


ANNEX B, Flight Plan


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