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A3Sync is back online!


Arma 3 Sync is back online!

Please note that you MUST remove your old ATC repo from arma 3 sync before adding the new repo. The autoconfig URL has also changed. For details, see the news post here: 




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31 total (AU forces)




BASIC Medical.

 - PAK: Stable, Unlimited Use

 - Surgical Kit: Stable, Unlimited use


Required Mods: 

-       @AdvancedRappelling

-       @AdvanceTowing

-       @AdvancedUrbanRappelling

-       @Enhanced Movement

-       @BAF (All)

-       @NIArms (All)

-       @ACE

-       @ACEX

-       @ACRE2

-       @CBA_A3

-       @ProjectOPFOR

-       @rhsACECompat

-       @RHSAFRF

-       @RHSGREF

-       @RHSSAF

-       @RHSUSAF

-       @ShackTac User Interface






1.  Topography

a. Tanoais a tropical region.

b. Jungle and Mountain ranges around the center and to the northern area.

c. Built up areas with  major cities located over the coast of the country.


2.  Background

5 Months ago, after the break down of talks between Russia and America, President Hillary Clinton ordered an attack on the Russian held countries of Brystrica, Tanoa, and Altis, American armed forces are currently in location fighting a losing battle, resources are limited and time is running out.


3. Enemy Forces

a. The enemy size is currently estimated to be around 5,000 to 10,000 combat troops.

b. They have been conducting roaming patrols while fortifying the surrounding areas and towns across the whole area.

c. Main force is located within and around the Capital City of Tanoa as today marks the Birthday of Rauls Great Grandfather, a national holiday and Military Parade.

d. The Tanoia Special Forces (TSF) operate independently from the main military organisation.

e. The Tanoian Airforce is limited, and air superiority will be achieved easily.

f. They will attempt to fortify their position as much as possible, Indications are that they will rely heavily on Infantry squads until reinforcements arrive.

g. INSURGENTS They are equipped with AK-47's, AK-74's, RPGs, and PKM's with limited night vision capability, only senior members of a squad or company will have access to NVG's due to supply limitations. They appear not to have access to Artillery, Helicopters, and Armour and at this stage allegiance is not known.

h. TANOAN DEFENSE FORCE They are equipped with AK-47's, AK-74's, RPGs, and PKM's with limited night vision capability, only senior members of a squad or company will have access to NVG's due to supply limitations. They appear to have access to Artillery, Helicopters, and Armour.


4. Enemies most likely course of action

a. Fortify the towns of Tanoa until their reinforcements arrive.

5. Enemy's Most Dangerous Course of Action

a. Is to fall back to the main city and hold out until reinforcements arrive.

6. Friendly Forces

a. Australian Special Forces - Friendly forces are operating around Tanoa in an attempt to capture, destroy assets and hold surrounding sectors in the advance.

b. 1 RAR, 2 RAR are operating within the area.


7. Attachments/Detachment

a. Nil

8. Civil/Terrain considerations

a. Civilian population are still present within the cities.





9. Primary Mission

Will complete the campaign to remove Russian and rebel forces from Tanoa.






10. Mission Outline

a. Today's tasking will be completed in 4 random varieties.

    - Mission 1: Capture of a VIP

    - Mission 2: Elimination of a HVT

    - Mission 3: Destruction of enemy assets

    - Mission 4: Elimination of enemy forces

    - Mission 5: Defending a captured location


11. Commander's Intent

a. Your callsign will carry out the missions presented by BHQ.


12. Fire Support

a. 108th Field Battery are currently in support of your call-sign

b. 114th Field Battery are currently in support of your call-sign

13. Engineering 

a. Nil Attachments.



14. General 

a. All Priority 1 Casualties will be moved by Starlight back to USS Freedom for Medical treatment.

b. Movements around the AO will be by vehicle or own means.

c. Theft of civilian vehicles is prohibited, however the acquisition of military assets is allowed.

d. a C130 is on standby for Airborne insertions if requested (Selecting Parachuting Insertion from the UK Flags)




15. General

a. 0A will be required to have the Platoon Commander on a 152, 117, Platoon SGT and Platoon Signalman as well.

b. India C/S will be required to have 1 x 152, and 8 x 343's per section.

c. Eagle C/S will require 2 x 152's and 1 x 343's each.


16. Communications Plan

a. Platoon Net: Preset 1 on 152

b. Starlight Net: Preset 2 on 152

c. Airframe Net: Preset 3 on 152

d. Airframe Internal: Preset 4 on 152

e. Admin Net: Preset 99 on 152.


17. Additional

a. Each section will be responsible for communication between their C/S and Eagle C/S.


18. Callsigns

a. 0A - Platoon HQ

b. India One - Infantry Section

c. India Two - Infantry Section

d. Eagle - Blackhawk 1






0 A Callsign

Platoon Leader

Platoon SGT

Platoon SIG


India One / Two Callsign

Section Commander

Section 2IC / Signalman

Section Combat Medic

Section Rifleman

Section Rifleman (GLA)

Section Rifleman (AT)

Section LSW

Section LSW


Eagle Callsigns


Co-Pilot / Signalman



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