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Arma 3 Sync is back online!

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[EL]Syndikated Terror


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After 6 months of peacekeeping efforts, NATO forces in Malden have effectively gained control of most of the main island. This has constrained the Syndikat insurgency to the lower south-eastern corner of the main island and the smaller military island to the south-east. Regular patrols are being conducted into the 'Red Zone' in order to perform reconnaissance on insurgent forces and execute raids against known & suspected enemy positions.




Syndikat is a paramilitary group that aims to control the island and use it to manufacture drugs that can be exported to the mainland.




A NATO company-sized peacekeeping force, based out of the airport, has been in-country for approximately 6 months at the request of the Maldenian government-in-exile.


Your unit, 1st Platoon, is on patrol duties on the southern side of the island.


You have organic air assets operating from the USS Freedom located north of Malden available for close air support.




Civilians will be present throughout the area. Although they have been brutalized by the insurgency, some are supportive as a result of payoffs by Syndikat leaders. It is essential that no civilian casualties take place or public sentiment will be swayed - leading to the removal of support assets from the region.




Your platoon has been tasked with a patrol in to the southern-most parts of Malden today. Your patrol route will take you through some of the most heavily armed areas in Malden. You should expect contact with Syndikat forces throughout your mission.






Your patrol route and objectives are detailed as follows:


  2. PATROL La Rivière
    1. The Spiridonov Vadim is calling at the harbour today - ostensibly to offload fresh fish at the markets. We believe the vessel is also carrying weaponry bound for Syndikat forces and that it will take on a shipment of locally-produced drugs as it leaves.
    2. SEARCH the pictured target building for evidence of the handoff. If any weapons or drugs are found report their presence to HQ and await arrival of local police forces.



  3. RESUPPLY Church at Saint Martin
    1. The Church has requested humanitarian aid which is due to be delivered today. A white resupply truck will be used to deliver supplies as part of your patrol convoy.
    2. The truck is to be left parked outside the church. It will be recovered by another team after the supplies are unloaded.
  4. PATROL Point Cancon Lighthouse
    1. We believe the coast near here is used to smuggle supplies between the islands during the night. SEARCH for any evidence of recent boat landings and report your findings.
  5. PATROL Cancon
    1. This town has a heavy insurgent presence - do not allow your unit to become fixated as Syndikat forces will quickly destroy any isolated elements.
    2. Infantry should be dismounted and vehicles should be moving at a walking speed. Civilian support is essential to our mission of counter-insurgency so we must not appear intimidating to locals.





Ammunition: 6.5mm 30Rnd Mag to fit the MX series + 6.5mm 100rnd Mag to fit the MX LSW + .338 Norma Magnum to fit the LWMMG

Medical: ACE Advanced Medical in use, Medic can use PAK anywhere, PAK have single use.





Command Net: Channel 1

Fires Net: Channel 2



Channel 1: PHQ

Channel 2: Alpha

Channel 3: Bravo

Channel 4: Rainman




Strict Mod List - run only this list and appropriate client-sides (JSRS, etc)


  • @CBA_A3
  • @ace
  • @acex
  • @acre2




  • @AdvancedTowing
  • @Enhanced Movement
  • @ShackTac User Interface



ORBAT: Linked here


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There will hopefully be a little narrative to follow throughout the next few weeks. This is a smuggling operation gone wrong. Can you find it?

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Lol. Took me 5 seconds to ID it as south coast. 20 seconds to pick that peninsula, and about a minute until I was 100% confident. The hills in the background gave it away. Then it was just picking out specific roads and rock outcrops to confirm.


Don't give so much of the background / surrounding area away next time :)

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