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A3Sync is back online!


Arma 3 Sync is back online!

Please note that you MUST remove your old ATC repo from arma 3 sync before adding the new repo. The autoconfig URL has also changed. For details, see the news post here: 




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  • 12 March 2017 08:15 AM     11:45 AM

    7th January 2010
    Team Level Operations in the Ovallestán Valley. 
    Meteorological Data Weather, Min. 4°Celsius Max. 4°Celsius. Minimal Cloud Cover to Clear Sky during Operation Timeframe. 0%chance of rain. Moon cycle is Full Moon, 90% natural illumination.
    Sunup, 0630.
    Sundown, 1730
    This week weather brought to you by @Daffles
    Camp Layout

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  • 19 November 2017

    The situation is critical, the shooting only happened a few minutes ago so I'll make this brief. 
    A US Army UH-60 has been shot down en route to the LHD Wasp anchored off the coast of Dingor. It was transporting a data storage module collected from a downed satellite. 
    A AH-6 little bird is being fitted with hellfire missiles and miniguns and will be available within the next 10 mikes.
    Primary Objectives: Recover the data on the storage device Scuttle the crashed UH-60.  Destroy AA / AAA emplacement  Secondary Objective: Destroy enemy vehicle depot in the town of Corazon  
    2-3 teams MARSOC Units are to deploy from the USS Freedom by Mark V Special Operations Craft. Head due south west to the river mouth. Proceed up the river to the city of Corazon. Pick a landing zone on the beachfront.  Find the crash site before the data is accessed by the TAF Get the data from the drives Destroy the data module Seek and Destroy the anti air emplacement  
    ORBAT: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1UExkF-jtTtG-ZRMa6FCytpn5gPp1D9lzEEcZVTGpBDw/edit?usp=sharing
    Core (ACE, ACEX, ACRE, CBA)
    RHS (All)
    Project Opfor
    MilGear Pack
    CUP terrains (MAPS + CORE)

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  • 21 February 2016 08:00 AM     12:59 PM

    Guardians Campaign Part One
    The first phase of Operation Guardian has commenced. Right now hundreds of thousands of men are crossing into Takistan, the fly boys are unrelenting in their bombing of military targets, and the French are busy surrendering, just in case.
    Takistan Army - Founded in 1946 after the second World War, the Takistani Army has seen action against its neighbour Ardistan twice. Consisting of Five Corps of Motorized Infantry mounted in BDRMs, and one Division of Armour using outdated T-55s.
    None. We are the lead element. All friendlies are to our rear.
    Not present.
    First Platoon, Bravo Company is to lead the push through the Takistani border defences. 
    Phase One.
    Cross desert.
    Phase Two.
    Minefield clearance. Upon reaching edge of minefield, wait for engineers to deploy two Mine Clearing Line Charge (MICLIC) to form safe routes through Takistan Minefield.
    Phase Three.
    Assault first defensive works.
    Phase Four.
    Assault Artillery Hill.
    Phase Five.
    Exploit through Takistani lines to Northern edge of map.
    Mission is no respawn (deaths due to being Arma'd are allowed to rejoin and will be teleported to their unit).
    Extra ammunition for personal weapons is stored in Saxon Callsigns.
    Vehicle Resupply not available.
    Air resupply done at south edge of map.
    Command and Signals
    Chain of Command 
    Platoon Leader 
    Platoon Sergeant 
    Alpha Squad Leader 
    Bravo Squad Leader 
    Charlie Squad Leader 
    Radio Nets
    148s and 117s
    Ch1 Platoon
    Ch2 JTAC
    Ch3 Vehicles
    Ch4 Reaper
    Ch1 Alpha Squad
    Ch2 Bravo Squad
    Ch3 Charlie Squad
    Ch4 PLT HQ 
    Orbat click here to view 
    (Leave comment here or in google sheet)
    Cup Units
    Cup Vehicles
    Cup Weapons
    Cup terrains core
    cup terrains maps

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  • 24 January 2016 08:00 AM     11:00 AM

    An F/A-18, call sign Springfield 6-1, has been shot down whilst on a recon mission near the russian border approximately 4 hours ago.
    It is unclear as to what brought them down. Chutes were spotted so we assume that the pilots managed to get out alive, however they may have been captured. 
    Locate and rescue the crew of Springfield 6-1.
    This is a multiphase operation.
    Phase 1:
    1st ATC is to move from their COP and locate the wreckage of the downed F18. Establish defensive perimeter and download intel from F18’s recon mission. We are hoping this gives an indication as to where the pilots went. Once complete, destroy the wreckage of the F18 using controlled detonation of explosives.
    Phase 2.1:
    Using the gathered intel, locate the pilots and rescue them. 
    Phase 2.2
    Establish a secure LZ and call in MedEVAC, callsign starlight, for pilots. keep the LZ secure until the pilots have left on board the starlight callsign.
    2x F16 - SEAD / CAS
    2x F22 - CAP
    3x .50cal humvee
    2x Mk19 humvee
    5x Unarmed troop carrier humvee
    2x MTVR tucks

    Support tasking:
    F16 flight, callsign Griffin, is to conduct SEAD missions against enemy AA and AAA sites dotted around the AO.
    Griffin callsigns are equipped with HARM air to ground missiles. These can be swapped out to AGM-65D’s once SEAD flight is complete.
    Griffin callsigns are to engage all targets of opportunity that pose a threat to the friendly infantry. This can be done at their own discretion without prior approval from JTAC call signs provided target can be PID'd.
    F22’s, callsign Uzi, are to fly CAP in support of Griffin and Starlight callsigns.
    Uzi callsigns are equipped with AIM-120C and AIM-9X missiles.
    Uzi callsigns are to engage targets of opportunity without crossing into Russian airspace where SEAD has not yet been conducted.
    Uzi and Griffin will be operating in the area using their own discretion, but can be called in for taking by friendly ground forces.


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