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A3Sync is back online!


Arma 3 Sync is back online!

Please note that you MUST remove your old ATC repo from arma 3 sync before adding the new repo. The autoconfig URL has also changed. For details, see the news post here: 




Note this is a massive update. Please start your downloads sooner rather than later!

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    • SUNDAY NIGHT: [EL]Syndikated Terror

      MODS: @CBA, @ACE, @ACEX, @ACRE2





      After 6 months of peacekeeping efforts, NATO forces in Malden have effectively gained control of most of the main island. This has constrained the Syndikat insurgency to the lower south-eastern corner of the main island and the smaller military island to the south-east. Regular patrols are being conducted into the 'Red Zone' in order to perform reconnaissance on insurgent forces and execute raids against known & suspected enemy positions.

      Your platoon has been tasked with a patrol in to the southern-most parts of Malden today.



    • The Arma3Sync repository has undergone a significant upgrade.


      The upgrade is designed to deliver faster performance, more reliable connections, partial file transfer and more!


      As such the URL has had to change for the repo. 

      Please ensure you remove the old ATC repository from ArmA3Sync before adding the new one.


      Please add the new repository using the following autoconfig link: 



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    • SUNDAY NIGHT: [HY]Ambush Set


      MODS: @CBA, @ACE, @ACEX, @ACRE2, @RHSAFRF, @RHSUSAF, @RHSGREF, @RHSSAF, @RHS AceCompat, @CUP_Terrains_Core, @Cup_Terrains_Maps


      arma3 2018-02-24 09-57-00-45.jpg


      The USMC has been sent to Chernarus to help hold off the Russian invasion coming from the North. Russia had a falling out with the Chernarus government after they denied them access into neighbouring countries to the West. Since then there has been an escalation of force against the population of Chernarus and the local population has been evacuated to the South. Two Marine battalions have been sent to act as a blocking force against the Russian invasion and are preparing to assist the Chernarus government in pushing them out of the country. We have learned that a Russian supply convoy is heading South along Route Tiger, we are to prevent that convoy from making it past our position, and be prepared to defend our location if they attempt to counter us.



    • SUNDAY NIGHT: [KT]Bad Night in FATA


      MODS: @CBA, @ACE, @ACEX, @ACRE2, @RHSAFRF, @RHSUSAF, @RHSGREF, @RHSSAF, @Project Opfor, @RHS AceCompat, @CUP_Terrains_Core, @Cup_Terrains_Maps, @FATA





      Insurgent forces have been staging early morning indirect fire attacks on the Afghan National Police Checkpoint at Khassadar, resulting in several dead and wounded. Raider 1-1, a US Army Platoon is being deployed to covertly infiltrate into hostile territory and overwatch potential Insurgent firing positions. Mission intent is to eliminate Insurgent mortar team.



    • WARNING ORDER: Patrol Ops 4 Community Night


      ANZTAC is proud to announce the our first community night for 2018 with the fantastic Patrol Ops 4. 


      I encourage everyone to join in the fun from 7:30pm Sydney time on Friday 16th Feb! 


      Please RSVP here:


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    • file1.jpg






      Situation Overview

      Over the past few months the CIA has been working undercover in Lingor, attempting to uncover the conspiracy behind the recent terror attack that took place in South East Asia. The evidence that came from the attack directed back to some individual’s that operate out of Lingor with the protection of the Lingor military. Four days ago the two undercover agents working on the case were abducted from their safe house, one of the agents was killed and the other is being held at the Lingor prison under security. The Lingor army is not our ally and have in the past worked closely with terror organizations offering assistance in exchange for weapons and illegal narcotics. SEAL teams are preparing to insert into Lingor and recover the CIA operative from the prison.



    • DCS World Helicopter Sale

      Eagle Dynamics have kicked off an offer on their helicopter modules. Here's what they say in their weekend newsletter:


      One of the biggest benefits of DCS World 2.5 is that it's a much better environment to fly helicopters. The higher-resolution terrain elevation mesh, higher resolution terrain and object textures, much improved trees, huge forests, and trees that now have collision / block line of sight for weapons, all create a much more engaging and beautiful environment to fly in.



      Starting today and lasting until 19 February at 0900 GMT, we are offering 30% off on all helicopters for DCS World!

      Find these great deals on our E-Shop.


      Personally, I'm really interested in that Gazelle! It has multi-crew so two pilots can share an aircraft and scout and strike targets, or call in artillery from behind enemy lines 

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    • DCS Modules Survey Interim Results

      Have you voted yet in the DCS module survey? Add the modules you own to see what's popular and what's not...


      DCS Modules.JPG

      If you've not voted yet, you can do so here

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    • TONIGHT: [DC]The Crossing

      28th July 1944 Vistula river Poland, near town of Baranow.


      Meine Herren the Bolshevik offensive is rolling towards us. Armee Gruppe Mitte is withdrawing. Our forces are have been ordered to withdraw across the Vistula by OKH.


      MIsssion: Kampfgruppe  is ordered to hold the approaches to the bridge for as long as possible in order to allow as much of 4th Panzer Army to cross over. This will enable a stronger defence of the West Bank and allow us to consolidate the front and hold the Russians with the Vistula as a barrier. OKH expects us to hold until 0630, when the last convoy of troops should be over the river. We must not allow the Bolsheviks to gain a bridgehead across the river or the entire front could collapse.


      Patrols and prisoner snatches indicate we are facing elements of the 1st guards tank army and the 350th rifle division. Intelligence suggest that the enemy may have outrun their supply train and are using their reserves to be continue their assault.


      The guards tank army is equipped with the latest Soviet equipment. Some sightings of heavy tanks have been reported by withdrawing units.


      The 350th rifle is a mainly infantry unit equipped with some lend lease vehicles.


      The most likely course of action is for the enemy to probe our positions to try and ascertain our strength as the search a a place to secure a bridgehead across the Vistula


      The most dangerous course of action would be an combined arms assault by the guards tank army prior to our withdrawal to the strong positions over the river


      Sign up here!

    • Eagle Dynamics has made the following announcement today:


      Free sample missions for Spitfire LF Mk. IX: Epsom Campaign and P-51D: Charnwood Campaign are now available! Today we are offering two free, sample missions from both campaigns. Both are historic campaigns based on a huge amount of research, briefing creation, and mission creation.



      If you enjoy these samples, we hope you will consider a purchase of the full 10 mission campaigns at just $9.99 each.

      Spitfire LF Mk.IX: Epsom Campaign Sample: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=201234

      P-51D Mustang: Charnwood Campaign: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?p=3378208

      Bunyap and Wags


      This is a good move, as the campaigns are really high quality. One major draw back is that you will need to own the following modules  to run the campaigns:

      DCS NormandyW AND W2 Assets PACK US$60.00

      DCS Spitfire US$50.00 or DCS Mustang US$30.00